Android users intend to switch to iPhone 13?


   At the beginning of August, a survey said that 43.7% of iPhone users plan to switch to iPhone 2021 (iPhone 13). In another survey aimed at Android users, it seems that fewer people intend to switch to iPhone 13 when upgrading their next smartphone.

According to a survey by SellCell, only 18.3% of Android users are willing to switch to iPhone 13 for their next upgrade. The vast majority of respondents (81.7%) said they are not interested in buying a new iPhone.

This difference is a step backwards for the iPhone as a similar survey from 2020 said that nearly 33% of Android users are considering an iPhone 12 for their next upgrade.

Among those who said “no” to switching in the 2021 survey, a follow-up question was asked, asking to know why they didn’t want to switch.

The top reason for not wanting to switch to iPhone 13 is because this device “lacks a fingerprint sensor”, accounting for 31.9% of survey respondents.

Second and third on the list are iOS that “offers very little customization” (16.7%) and “doesn’t support carrier apps” (12.8%).

Other complaints include “the iPhone is expensive” (4.5%), favoring the Google assistant over Siri (2.6%) despite the former being accessible on iOS… Also on the hardware front, a some users said they “prefer an older iPhone model” (3.9%) than they would expect from an “iPhone 13”.

iPhone 13 is said to have many new color options.

Among those who want to switch to iPhone, there are some reasons given by users such as “Better privacy protection” and “child safety features coming soon” which received 11.4 respectively. % and 0.9% voted, while 4.3% of survey respondents thought the iPhone would have better hardware features and 5.2% said the iPhone has a “better price.”

When asked which phone model they would like to upgrade to, most Android users said they would choose “iPhone 13 Pro Max” at 39.8%, narrowly beating the standard model’s 36.1%. Third place is “iPhone 13 Pro” with 19.5% and “iPhone 13 mini” with 4.6%.

The survey is based on the responses of more than 5,000 Android users aged 18 and over, living in the US.

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