Application of speech recognition technology.


   In today’s information technology era, voice is a very “powerful” thing when modern technological devices can recognize your voice to perform many different features and actions. So, what are the benefits of applying voice technology to business activities of enterprises? Let’s find out together!

* What is speech recognition technology?

Speech recognition refers to the ability of a particular device to receive and interpret voice commands. Simply put, speech recognition technology can interact with and respond to human commands.

Speech recognition technology originated in PCs but by integrating in smartphones with increasing popularity, the technology has become more accessible to users.

The level of interest and demand for speech recognition software has increased rapidly in recent years. Not only that, but voice technology is constantly improving and becoming more sophisticated. Therefore, businesses should invest more in implementing and integrating this technology to increase their reach and improve their sales.

* Speech recognition includes 2 terms: Voice recognition and Speech recognition.

– Speech recognition only recognizes words and focuses on translating those words into text.
– Voice recognition has the ability to recognize and identify each user’s voice. Specifically, speaker authentication by analyzing a person’s speech patterns and sequences from which it is possible to accurately identify the speaker.

*Benefits of speech recognition technology when applied in enterprises.

– Improve customer experience.

The best way to improve the service experience is to allow customers to present their needs easily and quickly – this can be done easily with speech recognition technology. When the space for those conversations is built and developed using Voice AI can create a better connection between companies and their customers.

– Save time .

Voice recognition technology is being incorporated into many devices and gadgets. Using speech-to-text converters will make work easier and faster because voice input is much more efficient than manual input. If speech recognition technology is implemented, businesses can optimize work processes, reduce the burden of typing and other similar manual tasks, and allow employees to focus on more complex aspects of the job.

– Increase work efficiency.

When it comes to business workflows, voice recognition can assist employees with various tasks, such as taking notes during meetings, scheduling work or setting reminders, …. Such an implementation allows businesses to optimize processes for everyone, improving productivity and efficiency.

– Expand customer base.

Since this technology only requires voice, it’s a great option for people with mobility disabilities or difficulty communicating with your business more easily. In addition, the use of speech recognition software can significantly help people with other types of disabilities such as arthritis or hand tremors that can be aggravated by excessive typing during the day.

With Voice AI, it is possible to reach all different customers at once, unlike before when customer support staff could only talk to a single person at a time. This technology allows businesses to increase customer numbers and more efficiently address multiple questions or concerns.

– Allows hands-free work.

Whatever you do and whatever you do, getting tasks done can be made easier with voice recognition. Interviews, taking care of customers on the phone, taking notes on new ideas or taking notes in meetings, etc. – all of these tasks would take a lot of time if done manually.

Voice AI can help with workflow in a useful way because you don’t have to perform slow, error-prone manual tasks – all customer information and all notes and questions are logged. automatically and precisely.

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