Are deepfakes really dangerous?

Deepfakes videos are a trend, a trend chosen by many people. However, for many people they are really dangerous. What’s the truth? Follow the article below to find the solution.

Deepfakes is a video created to show people things they have never done in real life. This can be done to destroy someone’s reputation. And as deep imaging technology improves, it becomes easier to create videos that can fool the public.

In fact, the Washington Post notes that the technology is now available to anyone with a smartphone. Today, a smartphone app can accomplish what is used to create a computer and a movie studio.

You can create deepfakes with your iPhone or Android device

With this app, users take selfies and insert their faces into videos, photos, GIFs and memes.

These images can be shared with one tap. The app advertises itself using the line “Be anyone.” But even more dangerous is an app called Avatarify that allows users to direct the movement of a person’s face on a photo.

This is done by selecting any photo, and with the selfie camera on the user’s phone, the user can control the expressions and movements of the individual (or animal) whose image is being used. The app is only available for iOS and has been installed over 6 million times since February this year.

Wombo, available for both iOS and Android, creates lip-sync videos; the user chooses photos and songs and the app does the rest.

Wombo’s CEO, Ben-Zion Benkhin, says that with his app, “You can’t choose something that’s too offensive or can be misinterpreted.” Meanwhile, the genealogy app MyHeritage will take photos of deceased loved ones and bring them back to life. Called “Deep Nostalgia,” the site has brought more than 65 million people back to life in the past 4 weeks.

These websites all say that their images are being used for entertainment, satire and historical reenactment. But the point is that there is a downside to creating deepfakes. One way to deal with this is to make it clear to those viewing deepfakes that what they are viewing is not real.

Here is an example of what could happen if more people gained the ability to create dangerous Deepfake videos. In early March, a Pennsylvania woman was arrested after police accused her of sending a video to her daughter’s coaches to get three of her competitors removed from the team. The video, created by the mother, shows the girls naked, smoking, vaping and drinking;

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