Bad habits cause virtual reality glasses to fail.


If you keep following these four habits forever, your genuine virtual reality glasses will quickly make a “long life” ceremony.

A virtual reality headset, even if it is genuine, of high quality, if not properly protected and cared for, will quickly damage your brain. On a beautiful day, whether accidentally or intentionally, you will encounter 1 of 4 bad habits that cause virtual reality glasses to fail quickly.

* Wear virtual reality glasses when taking a shower.

Virtual reality glasses are electromagnetic products and are not water resistant. Therefore, when the product comes into contact with water, the product quickly deteriorates. When in contact with water, it is easy to cause water to fall into equipment parts, causing a decrease in the durability of the product.

Example: When you shower, water falls on the glasses, creating chemical reactions that are not good for the glasses – neither is good for virtual reality glasses. There is also a study that shows that virtual reality glasses that are in contact with water are damaged more quickly than when they come in contact with your oily skin.

* Brush hard objects into the virtual reality lens.

When you contact hard objects to the lens, there is a possibility of scratching the screen. Although genuine virtual reality glasses products have been equipped with scratch-free glass, depending on the type of sharp objects, their durability can be changed. Affects the internal components and quickly bids farewell to the owner.

* Oversleeping without removing glasses from eyes.

You have a habit of watching a movie and then sleeping, because when we go to bed we often can’t control our actions the most. A strong impact on the bed rail, bed shelf, headboard can also affect your glasses. The virtual reality headset may be gone for that reason. Not to mention some parts of her body were bruised and her heart was bruised because she was angry for a month!

* Place the product in dangerous places (fragile, chemical contact, …)

This is the habit that has the most impact on virtual reality glasses. The precarious positions that create an unsafe feeling when you place the product, making them vulnerable to impact are just as destructive as if you threw it directly on the ground. The places that come into contact with chemicals can cause chemical reactions that reduce the life of the glass.

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