Bad habits damage the kidneys.


       Holding urine for too long, staying up late at night, eating a lot of meat… are all harmful habits that cause early kidney damage that you need to correct from today.

The kidneys have the function of filtering toxins and waste out of the body in the form of urine so that the organs in the body work better. However, if you keep maintaining bad habits in daily life, it can lead to early kidney failure… even kidney failure later on. Let’s find out the bad habits that damage the kidneys below to change right now!

* Eat too much meat.

Meat has a lot of protein, so when entering the body, it will form a lot of acid, thereby causing the kidneys to overwork without being able to process all the acid, over time the kidneys will be damaged and work less efficiently. Instead of eating a lot of meat, you should eat more green vegetables to be better for your body and health. In addition, according to Doctor Le Thi Hai – National Institute of Nutrition, in adulthood (not regular heavy exercise) should only consume about 150g of meat / day and eat up to 3 meals / week.

Harm: Causes kidney damage over time.

* Frequent night waking.

Your kidneys can be damaged over time if you keep up the habit of staying up at night. In particular, this habit not only damages the kidneys but also damages the liver. Besides, staying up at night regularly will disturb your biological clock, thereby increasing the excretory burden of the kidneys, and without the kidneys having time to rest, the body’s resistance will decrease.

Harm: Causes kidney, liver damage, biological clock disturbance, reduced resistance.

* Holding urine for too long.

No matter how busy you are, don’t ignore the need to urinate, as it can cause a lot of health problems that directly affect your bladder and kidneys. Including interstitial cystitis caused by bacteria accumulation, accompanied by symptoms such as constant urge to urinate, dull pelvic pain… Or diseases such as urinary tract infections, kidney stones, kidney failure. kidney … also from the habit of holding urine for too long caused.

Harm: Interstitial cystitis, urinary tract infection, kidney stones, kidney failure, loss of feeling to urinate.

* Drink less water.

Lazy drinking water is also a habit that affects the function of eliminating excess toxins from the body. Our body needs 2 to 2.5 liters of water every day. Therefore, if you do not have enough water, your body will contain many toxins and increase the risk of kidney stones.

Harm: The body accumulates toxins, increasing the risk of kidney stones.

* Consume a lot of alcoholic beverages.

The kidneys are the main organs that regulate the pH in the body, so drinking too much alcohol for a long time puts a lot of pressure on your kidneys, thereby increasing the risk of kidney failure in the long run.

Effects: Causes kidney failure over time.

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