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Benefits of Avocado Seeds.


      Avocado seeds are also beneficial for your health and beauty if you know how to use them properly.

Every day, we use vegetables and fruits and sometimes accidentally throw away useful ingredients that could be used for many different purposes. A good example is an avocado seed.

In fact, avocado seeds have bactericidal and fungicidal properties, neutralizing various harmful microorganisms. Avocado seeds contain saponins that increase metabolism and reduce bad cholesterol in the body. In addition, avocado seeds also contain many good minerals and vitamins such as calcium, magnesium, vitamin C … that you can use as cosmetics or food.

The first step is to prepare and process the avocado seeds. Avocado seeds, when separated from the fruit, need to be cleaned, scrubbed off the outer brown skin and left to dry. Then you put the avocado seeds in the oven and bake for about 1 hour on low heat. Do not eat raw avocado seeds.

* Instructions for using avocado seeds for beauty:

First, thanks to its antibacterial properties, avocado seeds have a positive effect in the treatment of acne, sebum and dandruff. They also work well for hair and improve skin tone significantly.

* Some beauty recipes from avocado:

– Exfoliation: Mix grated avocado seeds with coffee powder, add a little sea salt and then apply all over the body, gently massage and rinse with clean water.

– Make the cream: Mix a little warm water and grated avocado seeds to form a paste-like mixture. For better effect, you should add a few drops of tea tree. This homemade cream can be used to treat acne skin. How to use is to apply on the face and wait for 4-6 minutes, then rinse with clean water.

– Make a mask: Mix some avocado seed powder with clay powder with little water, apply to face but avoid eye area. Wait 15 minutes, then wash your face and apply moisturizer.

– Hair conditioner: You add some water to a clean pan with grated avocado seeds. Boil water on low flame for about 30 minutes. You filter the mixture and use it to rinse your hair after each wash. This makes hair healthier, shinier and full of life.

* Making food supplements:

Avocado seeds are good for people with obesity, atherosclerosis or blood pressure problems. You can also use avocado seeds as food in case the body is suffering from flu, digestive disorders. Most avocado seeds are grated and added to salads, smoothies and other dishes.

– Mix salad: You can sprinkle some grated avocado seeds on salads or add to boiled meat, hard-boiled eggs or fish if desired.

– Smoothie: You put 2 cups of almond milk + banana + celery + spinach + 1 teaspoon of grated avocado seeds in a blender. Remember, avocado seeds are quite bitter if eaten otherwise, so you can consider adding a few sweeteners to neutralize.

– Cream soup: You fry the onion, add a little butter powder and a little vegetable broth. Wait until the mixture boils, then turn it down and put it in the blender. Pour the soup into a bowl and sprinkle some grated avocado in it.

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