Benefits of smart home.


If you are curious as to what practical value this system will bring to your life, then follow the content mentioned below:


1. Control the lighting system anywhere.

If before, we often see that each electrical device is equipped with a separate controller, such as: TV control, air conditioner control, fan control … Too many controls, isn’t it! However, this tool is easy to run out of battery, damaged … during use. But it can also be “lost” because you don’t remember where you left them, or because children naughty bring them out as toys, then put them away somewhere.

Instead of using too many controllers, today with smart home solutions, home electrical systems are connected to each other into a network and installed in phones, computers… so you can Easy to control and control when needed.

As long as your phone or computer or ipad has an internet connection, no matter where you are: at work, on a business trip, on vacation, you can easily control smart electrical devices. in your home with on/off/timer functions… without having to directly perform those operations.

2. Save on electricity costs.

You can understand that, with smart home, your family’s electricity bill will be significantly reduced. Because a smart home helps to control the electric light system in the family effectively, by opening the curtain when it is morning and turning off some unnecessary lights, turning off the water heater when you forget to turn it off, the lights automatically turn off. Automatically turns on when someone is present and automatically turns off when the person has left…

3. Control and monitor the security system.

Smarthome will be connected to the house’s security camera system with high definition. Not only that, with the door sensor system, motion sensor … Smarthome will notify you of an unauthorized break-in to your home, thereby preventing some significant consequences. unfortunately can happen.

4. Voice communication.

It’s not just that you control the devices in your home with your own voice, but with Smarthome’s virtual assistant, the smart home also notifies you by voice. For example, when updating the weather today with rain, the virtual assistant will notify you by voice and advise you to bring an umbrella…

In particular, this system can learn according to what you do, your habits… so that it can provide appropriate contexts to optimize life.

5. Create a comfortable living environment.

With the pre-installed sensor system, the smart home system can take on the role of collecting data on temperature, humidity, light… and have analysis around these factors. From there, suggest you the contexts to set up the house to become in harmony with the factors that this system has just analyzed, helping your family experience the most comfortable living environment.

6. Help you enjoy a comfortable and classy life.

The goal of many people’s work is to buy a house, buy a car… Once you have bought a house, make your own living space more comfortable and classy with a smart home. This is not only useful in daily life, but also helps you to be more proud to your friends/colleagues about your own life.

If you have a need to build a smart home, please contact Tan Son immediately for the most detailed quotation. The unit with a team of professional, experienced and enthusiastic staffs… will surely provide you with the best quality service.

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