Big Data and predicting future trends.


When the Internet and 4.0 technology are developing strongly in all industries, Big Data was born as a matter of course of the market. It is undeniable that Big Data has helped many businesses, especially marketers, in understanding and predicting customer trends. So what is Big Data? How is Big Data being applied globally and what is the future of this industry? This article will help you get the most general information about Big Data.

* Features of Big Data .

Big Data is understood as a collection of data so large, diverse in structure and complex that traditional data processing tools or applications cannot collect or manage and process data at a time. predetermined time.
Big Data can have a volume of up to a few petabytes or exabytes, this is not really important, but if exploiting these data in the right direction, used in the right fields, Big Data will be a great potential to help startups compete. compete directly with large enterprises.

Big Data has three main characteristics, that is, there is an extremely large amount of data, a variety of data, and the data needs to be processed and analyzed to be understood.

* Big Data application fields globally.

Big Data is used in many fields with diverse purposes around the globe. In fact, the application of Big Data in business has also created many impressive changes in the industry, helping to better understand the customer file and contribute to increasing the efficiency and productivity of the business. Wide application of Big Data in industries can be mentioned as:

* Retail industry.

From the data collected in the competitive market, after analyzing and linking each relationship in each customer experience behavior. Businesses have easily guessed future shopping trends and know their level of satisfaction. From there, offer more optimal policies to attract customers. Help improve performance and improve sales efficiency.

* Health .

Big Data is used by developed and developing countries in healthcare to monitor, manage and predict the health status of patients. This not only helps doctors determine the treatment direction, but also helps to improve the health care process, reducing the time of cumbersome traditional testing procedures.

* Financial sector .

This is the most effectively applied industry of Big Data, from cash collection to financial management of each customer, helping to analyze and determine where to place branches according to centralized needs, predicting the amount of money. need to provide for each branch and ATM, detecting fraudulent activities. Most importantly, Big Data helps to process, store and analyze huge data sources from daily activities.

* E-commerce industry.

To achieve business goals, the e-commerce industry must apply Big Data in collecting data and customer requirements for analysis, in order to create a marketing model with higher performance. Enhance competitive advantage for businesses by understanding customers and predicting consumption trends in the near future.

* Future and trends of Big Data.

With the ability to access and backup data on many different devices, it is not surprising that Big Data is expected to grow in combination with IoT and cloud computing. Helps fill data collection gaps and allows users to easily communicate and import data from multiple sources and devices. This also creates a revolution in the multi-connectivity of 4.0 technologies.

* Dominated by Open Source Applications (Open Source Applications).

Open source software allows anyone to study, change and improve while using. Forrester Research, this trend is continuing to increase at a rate of 32.9% per year. Therefore, the future of Big Data will also be dominated by open source software, such as Apache Hadoop, Spark,…

* Powerful combination with predictive analytics.

Data mining from Big Data is also combined with predictive future analysis. Predictive analytics includes various statistical techniques that help analyze past and present events to make predictions for future events/trends. Bringing a specific vision to businesses, making it easier for them to make more accurate decisions in the management process.

It is no coincidence that Big Data is considered a trend and an indispensable part of future technology. Big Data will grow stronger and stronger with a larger scale, promising to bring many surprises to mankind. Hope this article is useful with the information about Big Data that you are looking for.

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