Blockchain technology in life. (P2)


   Currently, Blockchain is in turn being applied in many different fields. And below I will introduce some industries in detail so that you can easily imagine.

* Decentralized exchange (DEX).

With centralized exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, and Huobi, users have to deposit their coins on the exchange. That is to put complete trust in that floor. However, with decentralized exchanges, thanks to the application of blockchain, the swap feature helps users not need to transfer money to the exchange but can trade directly from their wallet.

2021 is one of DeFi’s first boom years, so AMM is also starting to capture a sizable market share. Specifically, AMM’s total volume is around $3B per day, showing a huge amount of user demand for decentralized trading.

* Asset Management .

Although born for a long time, but asset management is probably only rekindled in 2021. These projects will help users manage and invest cryptocurrencies effectively.

Prominent projects in this field can be mentioned as dHEDGE, Hord, Babylon, etc. to help you invest according to the strategies of good players.

And to optimize assets, a few projects like Yearn Finance, Inverse Finance also help users not to think too much in figuring out which assets to invest.

* Few figures on blockchain project teams by industry group.

Here, I want to give some numbers about blockchain projects so that you can see the attractiveness of this field by industry group.

* Number of blockchain projects by industry group.

First, let’s take a look at the investment trends of 2021:

Based on the above data table, we can see that 5 groups of industries are being focused on by projects, including:
– Finance (14.47%): Finance
– Asset Management (6.58%): Asset management.
– Gaming/AR/VR (5.59%): As Dapp projects or games on blockchain, this group is also relatively active and attracts many end users.
– Commerse/Retail (5.59%): Commercial & retail sector.
– Data/Computing/AI 4.61%): Data, artificial intelligence.

* Amount of capital raised by industry group.

In 2021, the most funded projects belong to the Network / Communications segment with more than 500M. It shows that the community has put a lot more emphasis on interaction.

In addition, the ecosystem trend has made many investors pay more attention in the Blockchain Platform segment with the investment amount standing in the top 2 ($483M).

Besides, there are also projects related to Payment / Wallet finance that are also “poured” with about $200M. Especially in the middle and the end of 2021, we see a series of decentralized wallets such as Coin98 Wallet, Krystal, Liquidy, etc.

Finally, the field of health and social networks is one of the trends that is not new but has gradually received more attention recently.

* Summary .

Through the last article, I have just shared with you the fields and practical applications of blockchain. Hope you have a better picture of the whole blockchain picture as well as its applications close to us.

We are only in the relatively early stages of blockchain, its fields and applications are being reformed to take shape. I still hope that many of us young people can seize this opportunity and participate in this potential field.

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