Blockchain Technology .


   As business organizations deepen their understanding of the merits of blockchain, it will gain widespread adoption.

So, what impact will blockchain technology have on the future of data centers? What will it apply?

1. Cost savings for Data Centers.

The blockchain-based management system will increase operational transparency and save costs. Use this technology to monitor and link IT, power, cooling, and space resources. It is also used for data working order management system, shared ledger system and reducing human error through rule-based automation.

Faced with large energy consumption in the data center, blockchain can monitor all devices and lines to achieve an energy-saving layout. Benefit of distributed architecture, tamper-proof and collaborative consensus, it can build a reliable and energy-saving data collection and monitoring network for the entire data center . It enables monitoring of energy consumption collected and processed across stages, production links and supply channels, to achieve energy conservation and emission reduction goals in data centers. .

2. Safe and reliable data protection.

Blockchains were initially used only to protect cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, and soon they were also used to provide data security outside of the financial sector. Data centers that store sensitive data are best suited by adopting blockchain technology because the encryption method used by blockchain can distribute data between multiple servers.

This method makes the blockchain difficult to hack, as each block usually contains only the cryptographic hash of the previous block. The core of blockchain is to achieve high security and high reliability of data without the need for a centralized intermediary.

3. Smart Data Center Management.

In an era of advanced computing, Internet of Things, exponential data growth, blockchain technology can help data centers keep data secure while maintaining synchronization. In the future, DCIM (Data Center Infrastructure Management) or DMaaS (Data Center Management as a Service) tools may rely on distributed ledger technology to support multiple sites More data centers and tenant arrangement to implement better capacity management.

The data sorted through the blockchain will be of great value and facilitate the learning of AI and the formation of efficient algorithms. It realizes data center self-management, reducing human intervention and improving data center operational efficiency.

Currently, its applications are blooming from all over the world, but most of them are still on the surface, and there is much more for us to explore and study. Over the next two to three years, blockchain technology is expected to grow at a dizzying pace. Within the next 5 to 10 years, we will see this technology widely used in our daily lives.

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