Car wash technology with hot steam.


   Car washing technology with hot steam is very popular, because it helps to have high cleaning efficiency and increases the life of the car.

In recent years, hot water car wash technology has been applied in professional car wash centers. This form of car wash was born to overcome all shortcomings of cold water car wash such as fast machine breakdown, chemical waste, water infiltrating the electrical circuit, .. In addition, there are many types of hot water car wash machines that are very good. consumer support.

* What is the technology of car washing with hot steam?

Steam car wash is a form of using hot steam to clean all stains on the car with little or no use of car wash chemicals. When using this technology, your car’s engine compartment will always be clean and cool for the components to work well.

Hot water car wash machine is a specialized device for washing cars, can make the water temperature up to 190 degrees Celsius so that the steam rises to clean the grease waste, stubborn stains on the car.

* What are the benefits of using a hot water car wash?

This is a smart car wash device with many benefits for users such as:

– The machine has a high cleaning ability without affecting the paint of the car, on the contrary, it also makes the car paint more beautiful.

– This device helps you save labor costs and the cost of buying car wash chemicals. Because the machine uses hot steam to remove all stains easily and you will not need to use too many chemicals to wash your car.

– This is a safety device for users. The steps to perform the machine’s work such as filling with water or adjusting the pressure are automatically performed, plus a safety mode in case of water shortage or dangerous incidents, so you You can use this product with complete peace of mind.

– Hot steam technology car wash is a tool to help you solve overload and increase store revenue.

This machine also has the ability to deodorize and clean the interior well. Thanks to the high-temperature hot steam, you can remove odors, mold in the car compartment and clean the car interior easily.

– Washing cars with hot steam does not affect the engine parts and electrical systems, sensors in the car and does not cause side effects to the car, helping car users feel secure and save costs. repairs.

* How to wash a car professionally with a hot water car wash sprayer.

Washing cars with a hot water car wash is extremely simple and easy to do as:

– Step 1: You start the machine and let it take about 5-10 minutes for the water to be boiled to the right temperature, there are 150 degrees Celsius, 170 degrees Celsius, 190 degrees Celsius, etc.

– Step 2: You wet the car and wipe the car with clean water, you can use chemicals to wash the car carefully and rinse.

Step 3: Use the spray gun of the hot water car wash to dislodge all stains, the interior and finally the engine compartment of the car.

Step 4: Turn off the engine and let the car dry.

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