Charging capabilities on iPhone 13 Series .


iPhone 13 Series has been officially sold and delivered to many users around the world. Therefore, there have been many preliminary tests on this product line and recently a review of the battery charging time of the iPhone 13.

* Tested charging capabilities on iPhone 13 Series.

When charging, the iPhone 13 Pro Max can reach a maximum power of up to 27W. However, the charging session only lasts at 26W for 27 minutes and then slowly decreases. Finally, maintain a 0.8W trickle charge for the remaining 25 minutes. With a 4,372mAh battery, this smartphone will take about 86 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%.

Next to iPhone 13, this person tested 2 chargers, 20W and 30W. Accordingly, the maximum capacity of the device when charging on a 20W charger is 19W and the time to fully charge the battery is 107 minutes. The maximum capacity of the 30W charger is 21W and the charging time is 89 minutes. At the last minute, both chargers maintained a 0.7W trickle.

With the iPhone 13 Mini, the charger used is 15W and the device only takes 87 minutes to fully charge the 2,438mAh battery. As can be seen, Apple almost did not upgrade the charging speed for the iPhone 13 Series. There have even been a lot of trickle charges on the models. But this is probably to keep your battery longer.

If you want to change the charger for the new iPhone line, you can choose 30W charging for iPhone 13 Pro Max, 20W charging for iPhone 13, and 18W charging or even lower for iPhone 13 Mini.

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