Cinematic Mode to record cinematic-like videos on iPhone 13.


   The iPhone 13 series was also officially announced by Apple at the recent California event. The phone is upgraded on many points, especially the new Cinematic Mode feature for video recording. Today let’s find out what it is and how to use it to make your videos as beautiful as in the movies.

This is a feature present on all 4 versions of the iPhone 13 series including: iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

What is Cinematic Mode really?

Cinematic Mode is a separate mode in the iPhone camera app that sits next to the traditional video recording mode.

What sets it apart from the traditional video mode is that instead of resolution and frame rate, you actually see the aperture number in the upper right corner. Using this feature, you can control your depth of field and blur the background more by reducing the f/ number, or focus everything by increasing the f/ number.

This process requires an extremely fast processor and that is why the feature is limited to the iPhone 13 series and will not be available on previous iPhones.

In addition, as soon as the camera is recording, iPhone automatically detects people, objects, and pets, and uses neural networks to decide when is the right time to switch focus. Suppose, if someone turns their head towards the camera, or steps into the frame are such moments. And the focus transition will be super smooth and extremely cinematic.

If you don’t like the focus as your iPhone has automatically selected, you can edit the video in the Photos app and choose when to change focus or when to turn it off.

* What is the use of Cinematic Mode?

Cinematic Mode can automatically switch focus when iPhone detects that something notable has happened or appears in the frame. An interesting detail here is that even when you’re shooting with the wide camera, the iPhone can use the ultra-wide camera to detect someone moving into the frame and prepare to focus quickly.

This is how you control Cinematic Mode: you can manually tap to change focus. You can also then tap again to have the focus track your subject.

Finally, since Cinematic Mode recordings are saved using depth maps, you can also change the focus of your Cinematic Mode recording once you’re done right in the Photos app. You’ll also be able to do that in Final Cut Pro and iMovie on Mac, once Apple updates those apps.

* Can you use this feature on wide camera, ultra wide camera, zoom camera or front camera?

Surely the answer is yes. Apple has enabled Cinematic Mode for all rear and front cameras.

* What format does Cinematic Mode record in?

Cinematic Mode records in Dolby Vision HDR, but it can only record with shallow depth saved at 1080p at 30fps.

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