Learn the similarities and differences between 3650 and 3850 . switches 


With the aim of providing customers with complete, unique and affordable products, Cisco has launched a wide range of products. As switching product lines that are popular with customers, Switch 3850 and 3650 have many similarities and differences. The following article will raise some points for you to have a comprehensive view of these two products.

1. Similarities between 2 Switch lines 3650 and 3850.

The common similarities of the core switch 3850 and the Cisco 3650 Switch are manufactured by Cisco – the leading brand of the switching equipment manufacturing industry. This is an important and indispensable device in today’s telecommunications networks. Both lines converge wired and wireless connectivity on a single platform.

Secondly, this trio of products were born and were successfully evaluated by customers because of their great advantages such as being modern, having fast network transmission speed and limiting possible risks. However, the 3850 switch is considered the most outstanding product in the Cisco collection.

Third, these are all Cisco Layer 3 Switch products with 24 ports and 48 ports codes, widely used by customers with many common features and stable transmission speed.

2. Differences between Cisco 3650 and Cisco 3850 Switches.

Both are Cisco switch products, but each product has its own differences. Here are some outstanding differences of the three Cisco 3850 and 3650 switch products.

– On the scale of use.

Cisco Catalyst 3650 switches are innovative products for mid-range organizations and branch offices. Thanks to technology Cisco Stackwise has improved performance by combining ease of use and ultimate flexibility. The switch can only be used on a small and medium scale because of its limited capacity.

The Cisco 3850 Switch is a product line that meets the needs of large enterprises. All belong to the Layer 3 switch which is a high-speed router without WAN connection. This industrial network switch works very quickly from inside switch to switch. So switch 3850 is widely used in industry, large companies, factories or maybe transnational.

– About architecture.

The Cisco 3650 and 3850 both feature Cisco Stackable technology, a stacked architecture that delivers high levels of flexibility, automation, and performance. With 32-Gbps stack connectivity allowing customers to build a unified, highly resilient switching system, one switch at a time. This means that, with just one switch, customers can create a single switch block without network congestion. This is a distinctive feature of these two product lines that no other Cisco product has.

The Cisco 3650 is built on the advanced Cisco StackWise -160 and leverages Cisco Unified Access (ASIC) application-specific integrated circuit (UADP). This switch can enable unified wireless policy enforcement, application visibility, flexibility, application optimization, and outstanding resiliency.

With more innovative technologies, the Core switch 3850 features StackWise-480 Technology that provides scalability and resiliency with 480 Gbps throughput. StackWise-480 uses SSO Cisco IOS Software to provide in-stack resiliency.

– Be honest.

As a prominent product line of Cisco, the Switch 3850 and 3650 switches are quite expensive. However, with the features it brings, the price of the cisco switch 3850 is suitable for many companies and businesses.

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