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Crowd fear.

Crowdphobia is a psychological condition that occurs in many people that separates them from the world. What causes this situation? How to cure?

If you sometimes feel afraid of crowds, then there is nothing to worry about, but if you are constantly haunted by this feeling and worry about getting lost in the middle of a crowd without the help of people Otherwise, you may be suffering from agoraphobia.

* What is agoraphobia?

With agoraphobia, you often feel anxious in places like:

– Public bus stations (bus stations, bus shelters)
– Large spaces (car parks, bridges)
– Enclosed spaces (shops, cinemas)
– Crowds of people or ranks
– Outside the house alone.
Crowdphobia will make you afraid to leave the house, but fortunately, there are now treatments for this condition.

* The cause to the illness.

Currently, doctors are not sure what causes agoraphobia. Many doctors believe that this disease may be hereditary. In addition, having persistent panic disorder also increases the risk of this psychological illness.

Crowdphobia is very rare. The disease is more common in adolescence and adulthood.

* Symptoms of illness.

When you have agoraphobia, you tend not to go to places that might scare you. Otherwise you will develop the following symptoms:

– Fast or heavy heart rate.
– Sweating, shivering.
– Have breathing problems.
– Hot and cold inside.
– Nausea or diarrhea.
– Chest tightness.
– Difficulty swallowing.
– Dizziness wants to faint.
– Scared to death.

These symptoms are similar to those of heart, stomach or respiratory diseases. Therefore, you need to see a doctor if you develop symptoms to get a proper diagnosis of your disease.

* Therapies for agoraphobia.

Your doctor may use both psychotherapy and medication to treat your agoraphobia.

– Psychotherapy.

Your doctor will likely have you do cognitive therapy. This therapy helps you practice new thinking habits to deal with situations that trigger your fears.

These new thinking habits help you reduce anxiety, learn to relax, and regulate your breathing. Besides, this therapy helps you to face the very causes of fear every day, so that you gradually adapt and no longer feel negative about those causes.

– Using drugs.

Medicine. Your doctor will likely prescribe you a variety of medications to treat agoraphobia. Common medications include antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications. With medication, your doctor will start you off with a small dose to increase serotonin levels in your brain, making you feel more comfortable and positive. Common medications that increase serotonin include Celexa, Effexor, Zoloft, Lexapro, and Prozac. You can use these medicines for at least 6 months/year. When you are mentally relaxed and less stressed, your doctor will adjust the dose for you.

Besides the above two therapies, lifestyle adjustments can also help you improve your condition. Exercise in moderation, quit smoking and alcohol. It is these simple changes that can partially overcome your symptoms effectively.

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