Doing it right after waking up is easy to reduce life expectancy over time.

   You may think that the following actions are harmless, but in fact, it is very harmful to your health and longevity!

Waking up in the morning is the time when the body is full of energy after a night of rest. Therefore, this is also the most alert time for you to start your day with excitement.

However, there are 5 habits that many people often do in the morning that indirectly harm your health and longevity that you need to correct immediately.

1. Turn the person to sit up immediately.

After waking up, if you wake up immediately, it can affect blood pressure in the body. In fact, this action is very harmful to health and it can cause the patient’s blood pressure to rise suddenly.

At this time, if you go to the toilet to solve it, your blood pressure will drop suddenly. Such erratic rise and fall can put a lot of burden on blood pressure and the body.

2. Open the room window.

The habit of many people is to open the window right after waking up. They think that this can promote air circulation and make the air in the bedroom more airy and fresh, but in fact this is a wrong action.

Before 9 am, the air pollution is still relatively heavy, if you open the window right after waking up, the polluted air will flood into the bedroom and not be beneficial to the health of the respiratory tract.

3. Fold the pillowcase.

Few people know that folding a comforter right after waking up is not beneficial to health and longevity. Because when we just wake up, the body will secrete a small amount of sweat, thereby making the temperature inside the blanket hotter. If you fold the comforter right away, it can make bacteria easy to multiply, grow and be detrimental to health.

4. Do not drink warm water.

Drinking warm water as soon as you wake up is very good for promoting blood circulation throughout the body. At the same time, this action also awakens the stomach and helps protect the liver and kidneys better.

On the contrary, if you do not drink warm water as soon as you wake up, the burden will be on the stomach and intestines.

5. Wash your hair.

When you just wake up, the body is not really stable, blood pressure is easy to rise, so washing your hair right now can accelerate the aging process of the body. Better yet, you should have breakfast and then take a half-hour break after the meal if you want to wash your hair in the morning.

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