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Drinking water like the pros?


     Water has an extremely important role in health, from moisturizing, keeping the mind awake to providing an endless source of energy for the body. So how many glasses of water does an adult need each day and how to drink water to be scientific?

* The amount of water you need to consume depends on your gender.

According to experts, women should drink about 9 cups of water a day, while men need up to 12 cups. Why those numbers? How to calculate the daily water consumption of men or women based on each calorie of the body’s fluid consumption. However, no matter how much or how little you are active, the best advice is to maintain the consumption of 2 liters of water per day, equivalent to 8 cups, to keep the body from becoming dehydrated.

* The amount of water to be consumed depends on the weight.

If you want to determine the exact amount of water for your body per day by weight, you can do the following calculation:

Multiply the number you just found by your age: If you’re under 30, multiply by 40.

– Divide the result you just found by 28.3.

The result you find will be the number of ounces of water you need to drink each day. If you want to convert to a cup, divide that number by 8.

* The amount of water needed depends on the activity.

Everyone needs to drink enough water. However, people who are sedentary, the body’s need for fluids will also decrease. For athletes or heavy workers, the amount of water that needs to be supplied should increase by at least 1.1 liters of water per hour of exercise. So, if you do the math, you need at least about 2.1 liters of water per day based on your weight, which increases to 3.4 liters or more if you exercise for an hour.

* Drinking too much water is harmful?

Adding a lot of water to the body depends on your health status, calories consumed per day and level of physical activity… However, experts say, you should not drink too much water. Because water can cause hyponatremia leading to serious neurological effects and a number of other side effects.

If you are extremely thirsty (this may be related to blood sugar abnormalities), or are concerned about drinking too much, talk to your doctor right away to get checked. .

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