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Eat this dish 1-3 times a week, men are less afraid of cancer.


      Japanese scientists have discovered a “golden” dish for men to fight prostate cancer, which has an incidence of up to 1/8-1/9 men.

A study just published in the International Journal of Cancer provides men with an interesting suggestion for a weekly menu: with 1-3 servings of mushrooms in the dish, the risk of cancer that The most obsessive male will plummet.

It is prostate cancer, the second most common cancer in the world, according to statistics from the UK and US, up to 1/8-1/9 men will have this disease at least once in their life. This form of cancer causes 11,800 deaths every year in the UK, and even successful treatment can lead to side effects such as erectile dysfunction or urinary incontinence, making men extremely obsessive.

In this new study, scientists from Tohoku University (Japan) looked at the health and nutritional data of 36,499 Japanese men aged 40-79, with an average follow-up time of 13 ,2 years.

The results showed that eating mushrooms 1-2 times per week reduced the risk of prostate cancer by 8% in men. If you eat 3 times or more, the risk is reduced by 17%.

According to lead author Shu Zhang, the mechanism that makes the mushroom dish so effective against prostate cancer is still unclear, and needs more research to explain. However, mushrooms have long been classified as healthy foods, providing a rich source of plant protein and many other healthy nutrients.

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