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Eat to be healthy.


   If you eat every day to be healthy, you will probably double your life expectancy. However, few people can do that, because eating to be healthy is not easy.

The average adult person consumes about 907kg of food each year, but in reality, not that much food turns into nutrients. There are many reasons, but the biggest is still ambiguity about what people put into their bodies. Without understanding, it is difficult to choose and comply with the requirements of both food and body, especially when people get older, it becomes more and more difficult to absorb nutrients. The following are just a few of the many things that are still a mystery to many people about nutrition and health.

* Vitamin story.

Vitamins are understood as vitamins, pure nutrients and perhaps someone who gives you vitamins will not criticize. But the problem is not entirely simple when you are in your 40s. According to scientific research, the most important vitamins are still vitamins D, D3 and K2. At a young age, people consuming them through oily sea fish, fermented soybeans, sour cabbage, milk, yogurt will reduce the risk of breast cancer, bowel cancer, diabetes. Middle-aged people also need these vitamins, but not as much as vitamins B1, B12, and E because these nutrients help you avoid lethargy, fatigue, unusual joy and sadness, and slow down aging. cell. If you cannot distinguish the needs, how do you choose the right foods that contain these vitamins. It’s hard to eat to be healthy.

* Diet for beauty or to cure disease?

It is also not easy to distinguish the boundaries of these two aspects. The weight loss regimen for beauty has different diets than weight loss for treatment, even for the purpose of avoiding obesity so that diabetes and cardiovascular disease are not threatened. Also remember, hormonal changes can still cause a lot of fat to accumulate, especially in the abdominal area. But it is that change that triggers the need to add certain foods, rather than eating a diet that is effective enough. Of course, a diet that both helps lose weight and eases the symptoms of the disease is still the most ideal.

* Inflammatory and non-inflammatory foods.

Women with a large waist are more prone to inflammatory diseases such as insulin resistance, diabetes and heart disease with high risk (high blood pressure, imbalance of fat and cholesterol in the blood). In these cases, the criteria for eating healthy will have to choose between foods that increase inflammation and foods that are purely nutritious. If knowledgeable about nutrition knowledge, wise people will choose foods that both fight inflammation and support health, such as unsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants. , fiber and even a little alcohol.

* Anorexia or bulimia .

Even if you are determined to eat healthy, it is not inevitable that at some point you will fall into one of two extremes of food intolerance. That means you have anorexia or bulimia. On the one hand, the body refuses to take in food, related to some particular temperament, either depression or a state of withdrawal from contact, on the other hand, there is a period when your body is depressed. irresistible impulse to the food. These two types of disturbances directly affect the patient’s eating and image.

* Only fine on input .

There are meals you are excited about because you can see your mouth with each dish (the premise of eating to be healthy). But then it was uncomfortable because of flatulence, stomach cramps, intestinal cramps. “The beginning is down” but it is at the end of the food digestion stage, when the food moves to the large intestine, colon, gas or “unfamiliar” substances formed from certain foods accumulate, mildly distended. Abdominal bloating, heavy will become digestive disorders. Foods containing sugar, fiber, dairy products are consumed in large quantities in a short time, meals are too fatty, not chewed properly, drinking beer and carbonated drinks and sitting or lying down after eating are difficult. help you eat healthy.

* Spices make it difficult.

You can’t eat to be healthy if you don’t eat to your heart’s content. Without spices, that displeasure becomes more severe, so seasoning is almost as important as food, even though people consume it in small quantities. However, perhaps this is the area where people are most confused, apart from only knowing to distinguish the 5 main flavors from the tongue and how to season them with this dish according to regional habits. The lack of knowledge is their impact on health. For example, a contrary discovery “without salt one cannot live, but eating less salt can live longer”. That is the implication of eating less salt to reduce the risk of stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Another example is about garlic. When garlic is added to food during processing, the garlic oil that is activated through heat is more effective than when people eat it raw. We often chew raw garlic and accidentally force the body to absorb an excessive amount of spices per day.
If you know that eating curry regularly can prevent rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis, or black pepper, turmeric, red pepper, ginger help the body create heat to burn fat, perhaps a way to reduce the processing of these dishes. People who eat to be healthy will be different from what housewives are doing every day.

* Eat delicious, nutritious but difficult to metabolize, making it difficult to sleep.

Grandparents said “Eat and sleep are fairies”. This sentence can now be understood that eating and sleeping well is almost as good as eating well. However, if you see some foods that are hygienic, nutritious, and delicious, but when you finish loading, you can’t close your eyes, then you are considered to be eating but not feeling well. An incompatible energy intake will be the cause of sleep disturbance. Dinners with a lot of fried fatty dishes, some highly fermented vegetables, stimulants such as coffee, tea, alcohol, soda, coca, foods containing vitamins… can all be the culprits. then it’s hard to sleep. Of course, it’s hard to say that I’m eating to be healthy.

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