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Eating this way in the evening helps men “strong” unexpectedly.


      An experiment supervised by Dr. Aaron Spitz from the American Urological Association showed that what a man eats before bed can have a powerful effect on sex.

Dr. Aaron Spitz and his colleagues used a special device attached to the penis to monitor the level and duration of erections of some men to assess the relationship between the type of food they ate at dinner and sexual ability.

The selected volunteers are all healthy athletes who are in good health. The first night, they ate delicious burritos stuffed with meat. Burrito is a traditional Mexican dish. The second night, they were asked to eat a vegan dinner, which is completely free of animal products.

The results were shocking: during the fasting night, these men had sex that lasted 4.77 times longer, not to mention a 13.5% increase in the hardness of the penis.

The experiment stems from the observation that athletes eat more plant-based foods, reducing animal products is associated with better blood circulation in the body and increased endurance in the gym.

Dr. Aaron Spitz emphasized that this is just an experiment, not a real scientific report. However, it is a good suggestion, easy to do and not afraid of side effects for men who are looking to revive their sex life.

Before that, there have been many scientific studies showing that eating more plants, reducing animal foods is one of the ways men can take care of “love affairs”, because of the industrial diet, the “method of Western” too much meat (especially red meat) can affect the health of blood vessels and overall health, which is closely related to sex.

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