Effective treatment of high blood pressure.


   Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in the arteries when the heart pumps blood to supply tissues in the body. Blood pressure is highest when the heart beats and pumps blood and is called systolic pressure. When you rest, your blood pressure drops and is known as diastolic pressure.

When measuring blood pressure, the systolic number will appear first. For example, 120/80, the systolic number is 120 and the diastolic number is 80.

Hypertension is now quite common and increasing in Vietnam due to the habit of eating a lot of salt.

* When does blood pressure rise?

High blood pressure often has no symptoms. The only way to detect the disease is to get regular check-ups.

High blood pressure is based on blood pressure readings and is diagnosed based on the age of the patient and other related diseases.

Usually a person is diagnosed with high blood pressure when the systolic number is 140 or higher and the diastolic number is 90.

For children or adolescents, doctors will compare measurements with children of the same height, sex and age.

* Symptoms of high blood pressure:

– Headache.
– Rapidly breath.
– Nosebleed.
– Red face.
– Dizzy.
– Chest pain.
– Blurred vision.
– Blood in urine.

* Types of hypertension.

There are two types: primary hypertension and secondary hypertension

Primary hypertension is very common. For most people with this condition, it develops with age.
Secondary hypertension is caused by another medical condition for which the patient is undergoing medical intervention. It usually improves when you have finished treating it or stopped taking the medicines that caused it.

When your blood pressure is high, it causes your heart to pump more blood. Accordingly, your heart will work too hard, which can lead to other serious problems such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney failure.

* Effective methods of treating high blood pressure:

Currently, there are two effective methods of treating high blood pressure: healthy lifestyle changes and western medicine.

Make healthy lifestyle changes like eating heart-healthy foods and incorporating exercise.
However, there are cases when you have a sudden increase in blood pressure that cannot be controlled. At that time, you should combine taking medicine as directed by your doctor.
Above is an overview of hypertension and guidance on the most effective methods of hypertension treatment.

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