Eliminate unpleasant breath, effectively.


      According to some studies, about 5-60% of people in the world have problems with breathing and teeth. Even if you abstain from eating garlic or brush your teeth regularly twice a day, your breath is still sometimes uncomfortable. So how to get rid of bad breath, especially in emergencies where you don’t carry a spray bottle or gum? Here are the solutions for you:

* Causes of bad breath:

Often bacteria in the mouth are the main cause of bad breath. Partly due to living habits, eating habits or improper dental care. Specifically, the reasons are:

– Eat a lot of foods containing sulfur

– Drinking and smoking a lot

– There is a problem with the bacteria in the mouth

– Gum diseases, mouth infections, tooth decay

– Stress and anxiety

* Drink a lot of water .

Usually, when the mouth has a bad smell, it is due to the bacteria in the mouth not working properly. Saliva also creates a favorable environment for those nasty bacteria. So you notice, when the body lacks water, the breath is more uncomfortable.

* Chew mint, coriander or basil.

If you need to process your breath in a short time, vegetables such as mint, coriander, basil, etc. will be an effective “assistant” for you. They not only contribute to cleaning your teeth but also freshen your breath. This method works almost immediately, but its effect is short-lasting.

* Eat an apple.

Please bring an apple with you before leaving the house, in case of need. In addition, apples also have the effect of cleaning teeth.

* Take a slice of lemon.

Lemons are not only good for health, used for beauty, but they also eliminate odors very well. Lemon kills odor-causing bacteria in the oral cavity, leaving you with clean breath. You can suck on a slice of lemon or drink a glass of lemonade, which also works even after you’ve just finished eating an onion or garlic.

* Keep oral cleaning products ready in the bag.

If you often have problems with your breath, you should keep in your pocket some types of breath-cleansing gels, deodorant sprays, etc. to prevent necessary cases without chewing gum by your side.

In addition, you should pay attention to your diet as well as have effective oral care, to keep your breath comfortable.

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