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Enhance concentration.


   Concentration plays an important role in study as well as work. If you can’t focus on something, you won’t get it done well. You will waste a lot of time and affect other problems.

* Thought control.

You often lose focus because you are distracted by random thoughts. Focus your thoughts on the problem you are doing, don’t let other thoughts creep into your mind, don’t care about them. Always remind yourself to focus on the main work that needs to be done. Over time, it will form a good habit, helping you to focus without being disturbed by any other thoughts.

* Make a to-do list.

To stay focused, make a list of things you need to do during the day, write down what needs to be done first, so it will help you solve each task one by one, without overlapping you. Difficulty concentrating on solving each task one by one.

* Reduce ambient noise.

To be able to focus on work, you should choose for yourself a quiet place, not disturbed by noise and people around. Sometimes email signals, receiving and replying to messages… will also interrupt your concentration. Closing the chat window or Facebook social network while working will also help you avoid interruptions and better focus.

* Meditate .

No matter how busy your work is, you should make time during the day to meditate, then you will learn how to control your mind against distractions and negative thoughts. Do this method, gradually you will see your ability to focus improve markedly.

* Get enough sleep .

When you lose sleep, don’t get enough sleep, your body and mind will be tired and of course you can’t focus on work. Try to get enough sleep, because during sleep, brain cells go through a recovery process so that you are more alert when you wake up. Try to sleep enough 7-8 hours/day to ensure health.

* Do exercise .

Exercises will help you strengthen your health, from which the body is always full of energy to be able to focus on doing anything. Gentle exercises like walking, jogging outdoors, aerobics are great for improving your ability to focus.

* Offer rewards.

Before you do anything, to increase focus you try to set yourself a “reward” such as: after focusing on doing something faster with the expected time to watch a funny video, read newspaper, or enjoy a glass of juice… Then you will be motivated to focus more.

* Relax .

Relaxation is a simple way to clear your mind so you can increase focus. So take a moment to get away from your desk and computer for a few minutes to step out onto the corporate balcony to enjoy the view. Or during the weekend, you can choose for yourself somewhere quiet to relax, you will find yourself better focused on work.

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