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Extremely common habit that makes your health “downhill” quickly.


     Many people are maintaining these harmful habits without even knowing it.

When we talk about unhealthy habits, we often think about habits that are often criticized like smoking or unhealthy eating… But we ignore or don’t know there are extremely common habits, Seemingly innocuous is actually making your health worse day by day. Let’s see if you have any bad habits:

* Wear a lot of clothes when sleeping.

Wearing clothes that are not suitable for sleeping is not a good idea. Many people have the habit of coming home from work tired, often falling asleep without changing clothes… or wearing tight clothes such as jeans, tight T-shirts… will hinder the body’s circulation. Wearing a lot of clothes will make you feel hot, uncomfortable and significantly affect the quality of your sleep.

* Brush teeth too hard.

Do not misunderstand that the harder you brush your teeth, the cleaner your teeth will be, this is completely wrong. You should use a brush with soft bristles, brush at a moderate speed so that your gums are not damaged… If you brush your teeth too hard, it will have a bad impact on your gums and damage your enamel too.

* Doing too many things at once.

Many people often take pride in the fact that they can handle many things at once, but we still have to consider how effective that task can be. Women may be able to multi-task, but according to some studies, only about 2% of the population can effectively multi-task. So, if you are sure that you are in the other 2%, try it, otherwise it’s best to focus on one or two things and be as effective as possible.

* Anxiety is out of control.

You cannot change what others say and do. So don’t worry or stress about things that are out of your reach, your health will not get better. Instead, use your time and energy to do things that benefit yourself, improve, and become a better version of yourself.

* Paying too much attention to the difficulties in life.

Difficulties and failures are normal things that you encounter in life. You lost your job, broke up with your lover, lost your belongings, was betrayed by someone you trusted… Many people fall easily and don’t have the courage to get up and move on. But looking at it from a positive angle, we still see that difficulty is not the door that closes your life or future. Don’t let stress and fatigue cause your body to produce harmful hormones, make you anxious, depressed, and lead to physical problems like stomach pain, or even heart disease. Learn to relax and treat yourself well first.

* The delay .

This habit most of us have, to varying degrees, in school as well as in work. For a certain reason or event, it may also be due to yourself and the outside environment… that you keep procrastinating the work you have to do. As a result, the more time it comes to complete tasks such as exams, deadlines, etc., the easier it is to create anxiety, pressure, etc., which is not good for your health.

* Negative body language.

Words can be negative and positive, and so is body language. See what negative language you are regularly using: defensive posture, unpleasant looks at others, bowing, etc. Get rid of them and look for positive gestures, more optimistic than you.

* Abuse of pain relievers.

When not used correctly, pain relievers can cause quite serious health problems such as memory problems, mood swings, poor concentration, and slow reactions. At higher altitudes, you can get drunk, have stomach ulcers or internal bleeding… very unpredictable. Learn how to use pain relievers when prescribed by your doctor.

* Wear high heels or slippers all day .

High heels are known as the “weapon” of women, making your legs look longer, more elegant and sexy. But using high heels all day can easily cause ankle problems, resulting in high pressure on the spine and knees… not good for these organs in the long run.

Flip-flops too, many people think they are the most comfortable and comfortable shoes but actually, wearing flip-flops too much will damage the heels and ankles… because these sandals are often not fixed. foot which often causes the foot to slide out.

* Use smoothies instead of breakfast.

Think starting your day with a smoothie can replace breakfast? In fact, smoothies are drinks similar to smoothies when their formula is fruit, water and nut milk … that means they often contain too much sugar, causing insulin levels in the body to increase, making you fat. So, choose a really healthy breakfast menu instead of smoothies.

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