Food sterilizer.


   The pandemic makes us care more about our health. Because of that, the study of food sterilizers is of great interest. What is the food sterilizer used for and should I buy it? Let’s follow along.

* Effects of food sterilizer.

A good food sterilizer with powerful ultrasonic waves 140,000 times/second like a sterilizer will quickly sterilize fruits and vegetables, and food will be cleaned from worm eggs, insect eggs that stick to the surface of the shell. Food sterilizers are also known as the superior solution for sterilizing fruits and vegetables from pesticide residues that are widely used.

Not stopping there, the machine’s high-frequency powerful ultrasonic waves kill harmful bacteria, especially for raw vegetables, fruits that eat the skin such as grapes, apples, strawberries. Finally, the food sterilizer is also used to deodorize the fishy smell of seafood, raw fish meat is very convenient.

* Does sterilization affect food?

A question that confuses many consumers is: the sterilizer uses ultrasonic waves to sterilize and clean, does this source of ultrasonic waves affect food?

The answer is no. The sterilization process kills, inactivates or removes live microorganisms and other contaminants on the surface of the food. The sterilization method of the food sterilizer is to use sound waves, it is completely benign and non-toxic like sterilizing with chemical solutions.

Sterilization by sound waves is also more effective, faster and more convenient than sterilizing food with traditional methods such as steaming hot water at high temperature, etc.

Pasteurized food is highly safe for health because it removes bad agents in food. Sterilization does not take away the rich nutrients found in vegetables and fruits. Even pasteurization makes your fruit fresher. So feel free to use it.

* Which sterilizer should I buy?

Once you have a good understanding of the sound wave sterilizer and its mechanism, users will easily find and buy the standard machines that meet the requirements. One of the most popular sonic sterilizers in recent times is the Easy.W sonic food sterilizer made in Korea.

This is a rare sterilizer with a modern touch panel. It also has a large capacity of up to 12 liters which allows sterilizing a lot of meat, fish, chicken, vegetables, etc., without any restrictions on volume each time. To ensure the health of your family members, you should refer to this sterilizer model.

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