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Food wreaks havoc on your skin.

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     The foods you usually eat every day are most likely the culprits that are wreaking havoc on your youthful skin. Let’s “face” them and quickly cut them in the daily menu to improve your skin!

* Milk can clog pores.

If you have a habit of always drinking a glass of chocolate milk or cheese every morning, it’s time to change. Because this is one of the top foods on the list of bad skin and also the cause of acne. According to experts, dairy products contain certain hormonal components that can stimulate oil production. When the body produces more oil, the pores become clogged with dirt and pimples.

Notably, nonfat milk is more likely to cause acne than other forms of milk such as whole milk, cheese, yogurt. If you don’t want to completely cut dairy out of your diet, you can replace regular milk with soy or almond milk.

* Salt makes your skin swell.

Although salt does not directly cause acne, it will lead to bad effects for the skin. Specifically, causing the skin to swell, inflammation because salt causes the body to retain water and swell, especially in thin skin areas, like the skin around the eyes. According to dermatologists, if you can’t give up salt altogether, add omega-3 fatty acids (found in salmon) to your diet to hydrate your skin and help reduce weight loss. inflammatory condition.

* Sugar makes you look older.

We all know that sugar is not good for your waistline but not many people know that foods high in sugar are also “culprits” of bad skin. The reason is because the high sugar content will affect the production of collagen in the body, making the skin harden and quickly aging. If you like to eat sweet, enjoy fruits that contain natural sugars and add antioxidant-rich foods to fight aging.

* French fries make you old.

It’s true that French fries taste great, but sometimes it’s also listed as a food that’s bad for your skin. Most of the chips you eat are covered with salt and as we all know this is one of the factors that cause swelling in the skin. French fries also belong to the group of foods that contain refined carbs and can give you breakouts. Think of crow’s feet, wrinkles and brown spots on your skin and promptly curb your cravings for french fries!

* Butter .

Butter has a lot of health benefits but one thing is for sure, avocado is also a dairy product and as we just learned above, it negatively affects the skin by causing excess oil, making the skin oily. acne prone skin. Not to mention this type of food also makes wrinkles form faster. According to a study published in the Journal of the American College of Nutrition, people who regularly consume avocados and dairy products tend to have more wrinkles on their skin than those who eat healthy foods like vegetables and olive oil.

* Shellfish are prone to causing acne.

Fish and shellfish that contain protein are generally considered healthy choices. However, shellfish often contain high amounts of iodized salt, and a diet too high in salt can lead to acne by making your skin inflamed, clogging pores and causing redness. You don’t have to completely avoid shellfish, but it’s best to eat only a few meals a month instead of twice a week if you have a lot of acne.

* Red meat has pros and cons.

Although adequate protein intake is essential to provide energy for the body, protein-rich foods, especially red meat, can cause acne and premature aging of the skin. The reason is because red meat is high in carnitine, which can harden the walls of blood vessels, causing the skin to become less elastic and premature aging. Besides, red meat is also linked to increasing the amount of testosterone hormone in the body, causing more skin cells to grow and produce more sebum.

* Alcohol makes your skin worse.

The effect of alcohol on the skin is something you need to pay attention to because it causes dehydration that makes the skin dry, prone to wrinkles and flaking. In addition, toxins and free radicals created by alcohol damage collagen, causing skin to deteriorate, dull and lifeless.

* What should you eat instead?

Now you feel more than worried when most of the foods you eat every day negatively affect your skin and you wonder what you can eat? Dermatologists share, colorful foods such as red grapefruit, red and yellow bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots… are the best things for the skin because they often contain high levels of nutrients. High anti-oxidant. Just work hard to limit foods that are bad for your skin and replace them with healthy foods, your skin will quickly be smooth and bright.

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