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Foods that clean the lungs effectively?


       Lung disease is becoming more and more serious due to polluted living environment, smog and smoking habits. Here are 5 effective lung cleansing foods you should eat more of.

We all know that the lungs are one of the internal organs that are most sensitive to external factors such as smoke, tobacco, weather… Especially in smokers – the risk of causing harm The effect on lung function and health is very high.

However, despite knowing that smoke can “black” the lungs, many people have faced many difficulties in quitting. Before you give up smoking, what you need to do right away is to find foods that have an effective lung cleansing effect.

Here are some foods that can help clean the lungs, likened to a “vacuum cleaner” for cleaner lung hygiene. Especially some people who are smokers should quickly add to their daily menu.

1. Fresh pears .

Pear is a popular seasonal fruit that we often eat, especially in dry weather, eating pears can moisturize the lungs and remove heat especially well.

Importantly, fresh pears can help remove garbage and toxins from the lungs, in addition to clearing heat and detoxifying.

You can eat fresh pears directly or cooked with water, eat both the water and the pieces, cook with other dishes is also very good because this is a way of eating that can flush toxins out of the lungs. Therefore, people who are smokers or live in smoky environments, erratic weather, can prioritize eating pears more often.

2. Black wood ear.

Black wood ear is also known as a “salty dish in the vegetable group”, meaning that it is a plant but has many nutrients found in animal meat. In addition, black fungus is rich in gelatin, which can help the body absorb residues and dirt left in the digestive system and expel it, thereby cleaning the intestines.

In addition, black fungus can also improve the body’s immunity.

3. Pig blood.

Pig blood has the effect of preventing dirt and residue from accumulating in body parts, which is well-known information. This is because the breakdown of protein acids in pig secretions in the stomach during digestion will produce substances that have the ability to disinfect and improve intestinal function.

These substances will create chemical reactions when encountering naked dust and harmful metal particles in the human body. That chemical reaction can also excrete these harmful substances, so pig’s blood is also known as “detergent” to help the body quickly eliminate toxic residues. Therefore, this is also a great suggestion for regular smokers.

4. Lily flower .

The lily flower is considered both a food and an oriental medicine with the function of nourishing the heart, moistening the lungs and relieving cough, helping to calm nerves.

This dish is especially suitable for people suffering from spleen and lung problems. People with chronic cough, tuberculosis, mouth sores, dry mouth and bad breath can eat depending on the actual condition of their body.

The principle of lung cleansing: The alkaloids present in the lily flower not only have the effect of providing good nutrition, but also can nourish the heart and calm the nerves, soothe the lungs and relieve cough. very useful.

5. Dandelion.

Dandelion can be considered a wonderful natural drink at any point in your life. Dandelion is considered a treasure from the root to the top by Oriental medicine.

This herb is rich in minerals and can effectively cleanse the toxins and garbage accumulated in the lungs, especially for long-term smokers. Dandelion mixed with drinking water can be considered a “cleanser” of the lungs.

Here are a few popular foods that are best for the lungs. If you or your friends smoke regularly, you can advise them to limit or quit smoking as soon as possible, and increase their intake of foods that reduce residual waste in the lungs to maintain health. better health.

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