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Foods that help burn fat.


   There are many foods that you can use every day to help burn calories while losing weight. Besides, you also pay attention to combine exercise for optimal results.

In fact, maintaining a healthy weight is not as difficult as you think. Weight loss is a slow and patient process, you should not have any rapid changes when the body is healthy.

Nutritionist UK spokeswoman Claire Pettitt said: “It’s important to maintain a healthy weight through exercise and a healthy diet, as food has an impact on fat accumulation. in the body.

* Greek yogurt.

This type of food has a slimming effect thanks to the filtering stage to remove milk powder, thereby removing sugar and carbohydrates. The result is yogurt with more protein, which takes longer for your body to digest and prevents you from overeating in the process.

However, modern food processing can interfere with protein content. Therefore, check the Greek yogurt label to see if it has lost protein.

* Brown rice .

Foods high in fiber, including brown rice, slow down digestion and make you feel fuller for longer. So your body will use energy from stored fat.

Brown rice is absolutely a food worth recommending, both having the effect of losing weight and keeping the skin bright and beautiful without being darkened due to lack of substances during the diet.

You can add fiber to your diet from fruits, vegetables, brown rice, pasta and legumes, peas, and lentils.

* Chili .

Researchers at the University of Wyoming suggest that capsaicin, a chemical that makes chili peppers hot and spicy, boosts the body’s metabolism by converting harmful white fat into brown fat. believe. While white fat stores energy, brown fat cells generate heat and burn fat.

* Watermelon .

This fruit contains 92% water. So when you eat watermelon, you will fill your stomach with water, thereby causing a feeling of fullness, and there is no room for the stomach to store other food.

In a recent study, drinking 500 ml of water before each meal helped with weight loss, but water does not contain vitamin A or C like watermelon. So add watermelon to your weight loss menu today.

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