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Foods that prevent stroke.


     There is no single food that can eliminate the risk of stroke in humans. However, eating fruits and vegetables acts as an effective method of protection. According to research by Swedish scientists, fruits are high in antioxidants, which help prevent aging and blood vessel inflammation, two main causes of stroke.

A report by the Karolinska Institute found that women with a high intake of antioxidants cut their risk of stroke by 17% compared with the general population. However, color also plays an important role in fruits and vegetables.

Dutch scientists believe that light-colored fruits contain a fairly high amount of antioxidants, especially pears and apples, which have the ability to prevent stroke. For every 25 grams of light-colored fruit enhanced (1 apple is about 120 grams), the risk of stroke decreased by 9%.

Tea is also considered an antioxidant, drinking 3 cups of tea a day cuts the risk of stroke by 21%. Both green and black tea contain an antioxidant called epigallocatechin gallate. After a stroke, excess glutamate in brain cells damages brain nerves. Theanine, an amino acid in tea, will cross the blood-brain barrier, transforming glutamate, reducing damage after a stroke.

Maintaining a stable blood pressure throughout life is important for heart health and reducing the risk of stroke. At any age, milk is a very essential food for blood pressure regulation. In addition, the calcium in milk, especially low-fat milk, helps tone the smooth muscle in the blood vessels. The amount of milk is loaded, the blood pressure will be less high.

A healthy diet cannot be complete without fish. One potential factor leading to aging is air pollution in the vascular system. Fish oil is a tool to help reduce negative effects in the nervous system, cardiovascular function and fight the increase in blood fat.

Women are more likely to have a stroke during perimenopause and menopause. Please work hard to eat garlic (2 cloves/day, cooked better than raw), purple onions (2 bulbs/day) combined with cooking, frying with green vegetables. Use vegetable oils such as olive, sunflower, rooster, and peanut because of their essential fatty acid content. Drinking soy milk, young cotton seeds, baby corn is also very good for people with a history of high blood fat, which can easily cause blood clots in the cardiovascular system (both arteries and veins).

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