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For people who are allergic to hot sun.


     The following tips can help you live with summer allergies safely.

Weather allergies are the nightmare of many people every summer. Specific signs of this disease are usually a red rash all over the body, itching, even pain.

Allergies to hot weather not only increase feelings of frustration, mystery, and discomfort, but also cause inconvenience to each person’s daily activities. Therefore, you should apply a few solutions below to limit the impact of this disease.

* Cover carefully when going out.

When you have a weather allergy, you should limit your skin’s exposure to direct sunlight. It is not only the culprit that causes the red spots on the body to spread more and more, but also stimulates the body to sweat a lot. When the red spots come in contact with dirty and wet sweat, they increase the feeling of itching and pain.

In addition, scratches that appear on the skin from scratching too hard can cause ulcers if sweat carries bacteria in. Therefore, you should carefully cover, especially the face, nape, arms and legs when forced to go out in the sun.

* Wear loose, airy clothes.

Wearing loose and airy clothes is an instant solution to help you relieve the burning and secretive feeling when you have weather allergies. When you have a rash, you need to keep your body dry by choosing sweat-wicking, comfortable clothing. Instead of choosing clothes made from synthetic fibers, give preference to products made from cotton because they can allow the skin to “breathe”.

In addition, wearing tight clothes also causes the rash skin to rub against the fabric fibers, contact with detergent chemicals left on the clothes, making the irritation worse. Therefore, you should wear loose clothes to protect and limit damage to your skin.

* Add natural allergy-reducing foods.

You can treat seasonal allergies from the inside by adding foods that boost your body’s immune system. Green tea, honey, fruits such as oranges, grapefruits, pineapples, cantaloupe, strawberries… are recommended foods for this case. They contain resistance-enhancing ingredients such as vitamins A, C, and E, natural antioxidants and minerals that support the body’s self-healing process. This is considered a safe weather allergy solution, no side effects and very easy to apply.

* Drink a lot of water .

When suffering from seasonal allergies, drinking water not only helps blood circulation better, but also accelerates the elimination of toxins from the body. In hot summer weather, water also has the ability to regulate body temperature, cool the body, thereby limiting the burning sensation caused by red, swollen, and blistering spots. In addition to filtered water, you can use fruit juices, tea, squash juice… to add beneficial micronutrients to the body, support the treatment of weather allergies quickly. and safe.

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