Future Architecture Technology .

The development of technology has changed human behavior in many fields. Even the daily routines have changed a lot. What are the technology trends that will develop in the future and will turn people’s lives upside down.

1. Big Data .

Big data translated into Vietnamese means “big data”. These data will help a lot in human activities in the future such as: cutting costs, reducing time, increasing development time and optimizing products. At the same time, it helps people make better and more rational decisions.

* Technologies used in big data.

Because of its very complex nature, big data needs special data mining techniques to bring the highest efficiency.

– Crowsourcing leverages resources from many computing devices around the globe to process data together.

– Natural language processing like Siri or Google Voice Search, but more advanced.

– Genetic and genetic algorithms, machine learning measures. Refers to systems capable of learning from data, a branch of artificial intelligence.

Currently, blockchain technology, also known as blockchain, is being strongly exploited. It is predicted that this technology will effectively support big data mining in the future.

* The future of big data .

In the future, big data will continue to grow strongly in parallel with other technologies supporting and developing.

Big data combined with artificial intelligence AI for self-learning ability. Applied to the automation industry. Machines will be smarter, make decisions, predict appropriately, to automate making decisions instead of humans.

2. Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain technology has been invented for a long time but has not yet been applied in practice. However, in the past few years, with the advent of the Bitcoin digital currency, it has been accepted by the community.

Although the real-life application of this coin has many shortcomings. The large number of users leads to delayed transactions; transaction fees increased very high; governments are tightening their grip on bitcoin because it is illegal to rely on the security of this currency.

* Application of blockchain technology.

With the advantages of blockchain, technology experts believe that blockchain will be the future technology trend. It serves many different fields such as: banking and finance; retail, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, accounting – auditing.

* Advantages of blockchain .

Blockchain is designed to resist data change.

Better security: Hackers need to pass all blocks in the chain before stealing data.
– Low cost.
Faster Speeds: Blockchain enables transport to become faster and more efficient.

3. Internet of things.

In which all items are integrated with electronic parts and sensors to become smarter.

This is a complex system because it involves a large number of connections between devices and machines.

Predictions for the end of 2020 by technology research and consulting firm Gartner, Inc. There will be nearly 30 billion devices and objects in the world that will be connected to each other. And this technology trend will grow strongly in the future.

* Internet of Things and smart home.

The smart home trend is gradually gaining popularity around the world. In Vietnam today, there are many companies that have developed very well in this field. The items are equipped with equipment with advanced technology to create a typical smart home such as: smart home appliances; smart electrical switches; versatile sensors; smart lights; Security system,…

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