Future Technology Will Transform Life.


Modern society is also the time for technology to take the throne. And the top future technologies that will transform human life? We invite you to read through the article below!

* Top future technologies .

* The perfect memory camera for going back in time.

Have you ever missed the beautiful moments? Now you just need to relive the past with a soft click on the 12 MP camera. The camera is set to continuous recording with auto-correction, saving footage from a preset interval. The idea developed by New York’s general streaming systems would also be capable of capturing Time-lapse videos.

It can use Wi-Fi to connect wirelessly to smartphones via apps and stream videos and photos. This special thing will help the police find criminals or extremely special moments that can only happen once in a lifetime.

* The Terahertz radiation device reads a closed book.

The sample model uses a band of electromagnetic radiation between microwaves and infrared light known as ‘Terahertz radiation’. The T-rays will enable reading of closed books, recognizing letters printed on piles of paper up to nine sheets thick because they can distinguish between ink and white paper in a way that X-rays cannot.

Researchers scan ancient books or create office machines that can scan stacks of papers at once! This helps things go fast.

* Slow Dance Frames.

Wooden frame “Slow Dance” is 31.8 cm high and 10.2 cm wide.

Flashing bulbs are attached to springs located along the frame, they are hidden inside and shine light out. Lieberman created a device that makes it invisible to the human eye with the speed of light. The lightbulbs blink up to 80 times per second, and are combined with other events happening in the frame.

“Slow Dance” will allow you to see through it and see the image behind it moving slower than it actually is. In 2019, this product will come to users

* Hand-held device determines when the fruit is ripe.

In agriculture, identifying ripe fruit is extremely important. MIT technology and scientists have solved this consumer problem. The technological device uses ultraviolet light to measure the lightness of chlorophyll in the skin of the fruit. The fainter the light from the chlorophyll, the more ripe the fruit is.

In the farmer’s crop, this device will help effectively in determining the time of fruit ripening.

* Detecting satire by computers.

The satirical words in the virtual world always cause discomfort for many people.

These sarcasm will be transferred from human to computer. Scientists have taught and studied computers that do this. Computers can also help law enforcement agencies distinguish legitimate threats from people who exaggerate or joke about sensitive topics, such as posts on Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr. For marketing, the technology knows if a person is praising or mocking their product and tailors the message.

Above are the future technologies that will transform human life.

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