Google detects and treats offensive comments.


   The new Google tool was rolled out starting with The New York Times.

Have you ever been disturbed by someone’s objectionable comments under your comments, especially the “troll” types, sarcastic with unbearable words? It’s a problem that causes a lot of pain and recently, in an effort to limit those types of “messy” comments, Google and launched a new tool called Perspectivee to identify and control this situation.

“Troll” on the internet is a big problem because it not only annoys those who suffer such bad words, but it even affects psychology, especially when the number of teenagers using the internet increasing as it is today.

The media also face many difficulties in this situation while they encourage readers to share their opinions and it is difficult to block the not-so-beautiful responses from appearing below the comments. Some press websites and media channels even lock the comment function under each of their articles.

What is Google’s new tool and how will it work? Similar to other Google platforms, Perspectivee is provided as an API for organizations to integrate into their websites.

Visitors will label comments they consider offensive. That sample set will be submitted for review by Perspectivee, compared and evaluated with new comments. The management will then make the final handling decisions.

Currently, The New York Times is the first media unit to cooperate with Google to use this application. And even though it’s in the early stages of testing, the Perspectivee is proving more and more sophisticated and precise.

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