Great tips when using iPhone.

1. Quickly use characters on the keyboard.

From the normal text input interface, touch and hold the 123 key, don’t let go, instead move your finger to the character you want to use, then let go. The character you select will appear in the editor and the keyboard will return to its normal layout. A method that saves a lot of work time.

2. Access quick edit mode.

In some list-based applications such as Messages, Mail, Notes, and Files, you can quickly access multi-select mode (Edit mode) by placing two fingers at the same time (or acting as illustration).

3. Tapback.

In the Messages app, tap and hold or double-tap a message line to use quick responses, like heart drop, anger, etc.
If you want to recall the emoticon, perform a tap and hold or double-tap on the message line, and then select the emoji you dropped to recall.

4. Quickly scroll apps on the home screen.

Instead of using one finger to drag and drop app icons on the home screen to another screen page, you can simply hold the app with one finger and use another finger to swipe between screen pages to move quickly. application icon.

5. Migrate applications in bulk.

Touch and hold an app icon until the screen turns to vibrate, use another finger to double-tap an app you want to move, and then move it to the position you want. This tip helps you move multiple app icons at once.

6. Quit multiple apps running multitasking.

You can exit multiple apps running multitasking by using 2 or 3 fingers to swipe up app windows at the same time in multitasking.

7. Quick indent in Notes.

If your notes document contains a numbered list, you can swipe a line in the list with your finger to the left to indent, or vice versa to reduce the indent.

8. Automatically turn off music.

In the Timer section of the Clock app, select When Time Ends, and then select Stop Playing. This setting helps you to stop playing music for a specific amount of time. For example, you set the time to 15 minutes and start playing music, 15 minutes later the music will automatically be turned off. Useful in case you want to enjoy your favorite music at bedtime.

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