Hackers attacking networked cars will increase in the future.


    Security experts recommend that cars connected to the network can be attacked by hackers. Hackers can even control the steering wheel, turn off and start the engine on the user’s own car.

According to Mr. Moshe Shlisel, CEO and co-founder of GuardKnox Cyber Technologies (a company specializing in security), almost every car on the road today, if connected to the internet, can be hacked. hacker attack to some extent. The more easily the user’s car is connected, the more favorable it is for hackers to attack.

Even the global automotive cybersecurity report published by Upstream Security mentioned that a hacker gained control of Tesla’s entire networked fleet of vehicles through exploiting a vulnerability in the back-end mechanism. server of the OEM (original parts manufacturer). Hackers took full control of the OEM’s network by reverse engineering the vehicle’s telematics control device and using the telematics connection to break into the network.

The report also mentions a ransomware attack against Australian transport company Toll Group. This attack affected 1,000 servers and 40,000 employees.Ransomware is ransomware that includes many layers of malicious software created by hackers to limit the connection and access of vehicles. If you want to remove the access restriction, the vehicle owner is forced to accept a payment to the hacker.

Also according to Upstream Security’s report, network security incidents in 2019 increased by 99% compared to the same period last year and reached 150 cases. And since 2016, this increase has always been at 94% per year as more and more communication methods are integrated into new vehicles.

Faced with the above situation, one method in the car manufacturers’ hacker defense strategy is to ask for the participation of “white hat” hackers so that they can point out the vulnerable points of the car.

Related to the above issue, Consumer Watchdog, based in Los Angeles (USA) has issued a warning about the risk of hackers attacking new cars connected to the internet.

The report is based on a five-month study with the help of more than 20 engineers and experts in the automotive industry, which indicates if a large-scale cyber attack .

Consumer Watchdog President Jamie Court said connecting a car’s safety system to the internet is really dangerous. As a result, internet-connected cars need to be equipped with network power-off devices, and any new design needs to separate critical safety systems from internet-connected infotainment systems or networks. is different.

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