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Harmful myths about sugar and honey.


      Many products are said to be “healthy” because they contain honey instead of regular sugar, which can be harmful to you if abused, British scientists warn.

A team of scientists from Queen Mary University (London, UK) analyzed 223 types of sweet products that have long been considered “healthier” than regular sugar and came to startling conclusions.

The product advised to be most vigilant is honey: many people still mistakenly believe that honey is healthy and sugar is not, forgetting the fact that honey is also a form of sugar.

The standard is based on free sugars, as defined by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO for short – FAO) as a standard to calculate the amount of real sugar contained in sweet foods, including sugars such as sucrose, glucose, fructose, dextrose…, the team of scientists has proven what it is to eat and drink a lot of sugar.

According to research, if you put a teaspoon of honey (7g) in a cup of tea, you will consume 6g of free sugar. Meanwhile, a tablespoon of sugar contains only 4g of free sugar!

The team also condemns many honey supplements that are advertised as “healthy”, misleading consumers as a good way to cut sugar and still enjoy sweet treats. In addition to honey, maple syrup (maple syrup) which is quite popular in European countries is also warned. Abuse of granulated sugar or honey, syrup is harmful to health.

Dr. Kawther Hashem, who led the study, recommends that limiting sugar isn’t just about limiting cane sugar, but cutting back on honey, syrups and other sweets, as they’re also sugars. As for nutritionist Katharine Jenner, consumers need to beware of misleading nutrition advice on blogs or social networks.

The National Institute for Health and Advanced Care Excellence (NICE) and Public Health England say honey is only effective in reducing acute cough symptoms. ; There are no other official health and nutrition guidelines for what many believe are healthy.

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