Besides, modern biotechnology we have also successfully performed laparoscopic surgery with robots, nanotechnology to help diagnose, prevent and cure diseases.

In particular, in the face of the current global pandemic, many Biotechnology organizations around the world are racing against time to create a vaccine based on the genetic characteristics of the SARS – CoV – 2 virus using the latest technology. gene synthesis technology. And Vietnam is a typical representative in taking the lead in epidemic prevention and minimizing its impact on people’s lives.

It can be said that the health care industry with the support of biotechnology is being interested by many students and parents, is one of the most sought-after majors in the COVID season.

* Health Care Sciences (Health Care Sciences).

In the context of the emergence of global epidemics such as Covid-19, and the increase of non-communicable diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, etc., the role of human resource training in the Health Sciences sector is increasingly important. becomes important and necessary.

Health science is an experimental science. It is a proactive combination of biomedical, psychosocial, and organizational aspects of health and health care.

Students studying this major will gain the skills to work in the medical and healthcare industries, applying their integrated and multidisciplinary knowledge to the real world. Includes health promotion, health policy, health research, health care management, human resource management, health information system management, health education and consultation, health work community health and health project management.

Graduates can work in a variety of positions such as medical researchers, clinical managers, community development officers, research assistants, project officers and policy analysts, etc. hospitals, medical facilities, public health units, disability care centers. For example, in Australia, the salary for students after graduating from this field ranges from 40,500 AUD / year – 52,381 AUD / year (Equivalent to about 656 million / year to about 851 million VND / year).

* Industry of Digital Health Systems (Digital Health Systems).

Digital Healthcare can include everything from wearable devices with sensors for health monitoring, mobile applications to Big Data or artificial intelligence AI; or from electronic record keeping to the use of robots in healthcare in hospitals.

* Benefits that Digital Healthcare brings:

– Improve access to health care.
– Minimize the risk of human error.
– Improving the quality of care, providing personalized healthcare services for each patient.
– Reduce health care costs.

* Some Digital Healthcare trends:

– Patient portals: provide convenient access to health information, helping patients feel involved in their own health care and have interactions with others. doctors or health care providers.

– Virtual visits: provide virtual visits by a doctor or healthcare provider through a secure two-way digital link without the need for a doctor’s office.
Telehomecare & Telemedicine allows clinicians to communicate with patients for care, consultation, reminders, intervention, monitoring and remote consultation.

– Electronic health records: allow doctors and patients themselves to access and manage medical records more efficiently (such as chronic diseases), as well as improve operating costs in hospital

– Comprehensive hospital management system: digitize and improve the comprehensive medical examination and treatment management process in the hospital.

– Chatbots: are trained to give responses to users’ questions in the most accurate and natural way by recognizing and analyzing information content and giving appropriate responses, providing a better experience. Great experience for the patient.

– Robots: assist medical staff in dispensing drugs, assist staff in medical care.

– Performance Dashboard: displays real-time graphs of disease progression through data collected from wearable sensor devices.

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