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How to help people fight aging.


   Humans grow and die, that is the law of natural evolution. However, people want that aging to slow down, or be more ambitious than longevity, so science has begun to intervene in 4 quite unexpected ways.

The aging process does its job day by day with the help of some diseases similar to our daily labor in life. A person reaches the age of 70, 80 is also when the work of aging is accelerating to the end of the task. Old and dead, the bad thing of that person is now being supported by science to fight. Besides, science also proves that the aging process every day also contributes to the development of diseases. Therefore, declaring war on aging is also a way to prevent disease.

1. Look at probiotics.

Whether you like it or not, the fact that every person’s body is always ready with trillions of bacteria, good or bad, but necessary for the functioning of the digestive system and other body systems. However, with age, the formation of that population is changed, the group of harmless and useful bacteria concentrated in many intestines may be reduced, creating an opportunity for the harmful bacteria group to roam and cause disturbance and damage. create many health problems when they invade cells. Figuring out how to change this situation for beneficial bacteria will both boost the immune system, maintain body organ function and help muscle cells last longer, all of which have the effect of slowing aging.

The older people get, the more antibiotics they take. They kill harmful bacteria but also eliminate many beneficial bacteria. Research also shows that the less active you are in retirement, the more harmful this group of beneficial bacteria will be. Therefore, scientists believe that the first and easiest way to fight aging is to “protect” the beneficial bacteria in the gut.

2. Prevent telomere deterioration.

Over time, because chromosomes must constantly regenerate, the dome that covers the ends of chromosomes called telomeres will shorten, making the body more susceptible to the effects of aging. Depending on each person’s genes, due to the impact of diet, toxic environment, stress and lack of exercise, this telomere dome will be “peeled” shorter from 30 to 80%. That is enough to understand that in order to maintain their length so that each person can be young for a long time, it is necessary to limit the bad effects from the above factors. However, science does not dare to find a way to raise this dome because such mutations are also a precursor to cancer. They only dare to slow down their “shortening” process. University of California research is successfully developing an enzyme that can directly block this “shortening” of telomeres. It not only offers hope for a future of “immortality”, but also has the potential to help prevent the growth of cancer cells or other malignancies.

3. Take advantage of stem cells.

In the human body, stem cells are the smallest construction workers but have the power to regenerate internal organs, no matter how special the cells of those organs. Of course, when they reach old age, these stem cells also decline in performance, causing the whole organ to lose strength. Environmental factors such as poor diet, toxicity, stress in life also weaken these stem cells. Stopping aging is eliminating the causes of stem cell weakness mentioned above. Methods of transferring blood or serum from young people to old people have the same effect, as long as the young people’s stem cells are still healthy.

4. Don’t let the mitochondria down.

In each cell, the mitochondrial group is the machine that converts organic matter into energy, responsible for keeping the cell alive and functioning properly. Each mitochondria also has its own DNA. As people age, this mitochondrial system is also affected. Science knows very well that mitochondrial loss has the strongest effect on aging, but disrupting the process – keeping mitochondria healthy, people stay young longer – is not simple because it is difficult to control key mitochondrial proteins. However, the direction has been shaped and the hope is that advanced science in the future will solve this problem.

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