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How to help remove incurable toxins in the brain.


      Scientists have observed for the first time a mysterious “garbage cleaning” mechanism in the brain that could help people fight off a group of incurable dementias.

A team led by neuroscientist Laura Lewis from Boston University (USA) has documented the mysterious activity of cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) when people fall into a deep, dreamless sleep.

In the latest brain scans of 13 volunteers aged 23-33, scientists were amazed to see what so-called “slowly oscillating currents” or “slow waves” began to appear as the volunteers enter the stage of deep, non-REM sleep (ie rapid eye movement, folklore called dreaming). This slow oscillating current directs some of the blood out of the brain, making room for the cerebrospinal fluid to suddenly surge like waves, sweep over our heads and clear away some of the toxic proteins that are byproducts of the brain. waste from daily activities.

Those are the proteins that have been shown to cause dementia if accumulated, specifically the group of dementias that are most common, Alzheimer’s.

That means Alzheimer’s and dementia are not necessarily “curable”. It is true that human medicine, after many efforts, still cannot produce any specific therapeutic drugs that can be applied to treat these incurable diseases. However, it is completely possible to consider cerebrospinal fluid and slow oscillation currents as a natural remedy that everyone has in the body.

However, to use this “medicine”, you must really enjoy a happy, dreamless sleep. That includes sleeping for a long enough time, in a space comfortable enough for you to fall into the deep sleep phase.

Therefore, it can be said that sleep treatment is a direction to consider in reversing memory loss, the group of incurable diseases is rising to a higher and higher position in the ranking of causes of early death.

According to the latest statistics of the World Health Organization (WHO), dementia is the fifth leading cause of death in the world, but it is on the rise.

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