How to prevent mosquitoes effectively to protect your health.


Mosquitoes are the cause of many dangerous diseases that harm humans. They are even more terrifying with their ability to reproduce quickly, putting the environment and human health at risk. Here are 12 effective ways to prevent mosquitoes to protect your family from these pesky animals.

* Eliminate prison water.

Mosquitoes are an insect that reproduces in areas with stagnant ponds and standing water. Therefore, cleaning and sanitizing standing water areas, toilets, garbage areas, … is also a way to destroy their habitat, not giving mosquito swarms the opportunity to develop.

* Regular cleaning.

Need to clean and clean, regularly dump garbage, especially in areas that are rarely noticed such as water pipes, gutters, … In addition, you need to pay attention to carefully cover areas with garbage. discharge to prevent mosquitoes from hearing incoming odors. To know if your area has mosquitoes, you can see more signs of mosquito invasion to identify the exact grave.

* Repel mosquitoes with essential oils.

Essential oils are not only relaxing, but also an effective mosquito repellent. There are many types of essential oils that repel mosquitoes such as lavender essential oil, tea tree oil, lemongrass essential oil, grapefruit peel essential oil, etc. In addition to burning essential oils in the air to limit mosquito penetration , you can apply them directly on your clothes so that mosquitoes don’t dare to come near you.

* Pruning overgrown trees.

Mosquitoes are born in stagnant ponds, standing water, but prefer to live in areas with luxuriant trees. So this is also a way to destroy the habitat of this pest. You can plant shade trees, however, prune them regularly to prevent mosquitoes from coming here.

* Plant mosquito repellant plants.

Plants that are natural and close to us every day also have the effect of repelling mosquitoes. Typically such as: lemongrass, basil, mint, … They are both environmentally friendly, good for your health, and help prevent and repel mosquitoes effectively.

* Repel mosquitoes with tea grounds.

Tea residue is a material that seems to have no effect, however, this is one of the ingredients that can keep mosquitoes away. Similar to orange peel, tangerine peel, you dry it and then burn it to create a scent that makes mosquitoes not dare to come near your living space.

* Effective mosquito prevention with dried orange and tangerine peels.

Orange peel, tangerine peel contains a lot of essential oils that mosquitoes want to keep away. Therefore, instead of using extracted essential oils, you can use dried orange peels and tangerine peels, burned on fire to create an atmosphere where mosquitoes do not dare to approach.

* Use garlic to repel mosquitoes.

The fastest way you can repel mosquitoes with garlic is to cut it into thin slices and spread it around the area where mosquitoes often fly. If you don’t want the garlic to be scattered, crush a few cloves of garlic that have been boiled in water. Alternatively, you can plant a pot of garlic indoors to repel mosquitoes.

* Kill mosquitoes with coffee grounds.

This is a traditional but extremely effective way of repelling mosquitoes often used to kill mosquito eggs. After determining the area of ​​stagnant ponds, standing water with mosquito larvae, you use coffee grounds to sprinkle on the surface of the water, it will cause mosquito eggs to float on the water surface and lose oxygen. This method effectively kills mosquitoes right before they hatch.

* Use mosquito trap lights.

Mosquito Trap Lamp is an eco-friendly mosquito repellant. Using a light-emitting mechanism, the mosquito trap lights attract surrounding mosquitoes with low-voltage lamps. When mosquitoes enter, they will be trapped inside through air intake, glue board or by electric shock method.

In which, the method of catching Mosquitoes with glue boards is the most optimal because it limits the Mosquito body being thrown out when shocked by electric shock. You can refer to Rentokil’s Lumnia line of lamps to choose the most suitable lamp for your home and business.

* Use self-protection measures.

In addition to effective mosquito prevention measures, you need to use self-protection measures by changing habits such as avoiding going out at the time when mosquitoes go foraging at dawn or dusk, getting net Sleep or use a fan to prevent mosquito bites when going to bed, avoid wearing light-colored clothes to attract mosquitoes, …

* Find a professional mosquito control service.

If you have applied the above methods and the mosquitoes are still rampant, it means that you need a more professional method to control mosquitoes effectively and optimally, professional service.

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