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If you eat 2 eggs a day?


     In your opinion, how many eggs should we eat per week to not affect our health? 3-4 fruits/week? In fact, you can completely eat 2 eggs / day if you like without any harm to health. Find out why this strange point of view exists!

How many eggs should be eaten in a week is a common question for many people because it has long been thought that eggs contain a lot of cholesterol, so it is easy to get cardiovascular disease if eaten “overdose”. In fact, according to the latest research, you can eat 1 egg/day, even 2 without any harm to health. Not to mention, when you have a habit of eating eggs regularly, your body also receives the following 9 benefits at the same time:

1. The brain will be protected by choline.

Choline, which is abundant in eggs, is one of the important components that help create phospholipid receptors that ensure the transmission of information between brain cells. Choline deficiency in the body will cause memory impairment.

2. Lutein-enhanced eyesight.

According to many studies, eggs contain a lot of lutein – a substance that plays a very important role in helping us see clearly and sharp images of things. If the body does not have enough lutein, the vision cells in the eye will be permanently damaged, causing your vision to be affected accordingly.

3. Vitamin D in eggs helps calcium absorption.

If you were to ask a person to choose between drinking a tablespoon of fish oil and eating a hard-boiled egg, the majority would choose to eat eggs. The odds of choosing to eat eggs were even higher when they knew that the amount of vitamin D added to the body in the two options above was the same. Vitamin D helps absorb calcium, increase bone density, make your bones and teeth stronger.

4. Protect skin, hair and liver.

Eating 2 eggs/day will help provide enough vitamin B for the body. In particular, biotin, vitamin B12 and proteins that support digestion contribute to the protection of hair and skin. The phospholipid receptors promote the removal of toxins from the liver.

5. Reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Contrary to previous views that eating a lot of eggs increases the risk of cardiovascular disease because eggs are rich in cholesterol, a new study by scientists from the University of Eastern Finland found that the cholesterol content in eggs or other foods is high. Other products were not associated with cardiovascular disease risk but also helped inhibit the body’s production of cholesterol. In addition, eggs are also rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which reduce blood fats (triglycerides), thereby reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.

6. Lose weight.

According to American scientists, if you combine your diet with eggs for breakfast, you will lose weight twice as fast as usual because eggs are rich in protein, keep you full for a long time, so reduce the amount of food you eat. into the.

7. Reduce the risk of cancer.

The high choline content in eggs is not only good for the brain and memory, but also helps reduce the risk of cancer. According to a study by the US National Cancer Institute, women who often add eggs to their daily diet have an 18% lower risk of breast cancer.

8. Prevention of birth defects.

Not only participating in the formation of sex hormones, B vitamins, especially vitamin B9 or folic acid, also help form red blood cells or fetal neural tubes, reducing the risk of mental retardation. intelligence in children after birth. That’s why women who are planning to become pregnant or are pregnant need folic acid supplements. 1 egg contains about 7.0 mcg of vitamin B9.

9. Slow down the aging process.

According to research results of Dutch scientists, up to 87% of women from 35 to 40 years old eat 2 eggs / day continuously for 1 month, age spots, crow’s feet due to age have disappeared. lost and the skin is brighter, smoother and more supple. For men, regular consumption of eggs also helps to reduce wrinkles and make the skin around the eyes smoother.

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