Impact of information and communication technology.

The UNESCO Office in Montevideo has published research on gender differences and inequalities in the access and use of information and communication technology (ICT) by children and young people. The study was jointly carried out by and the Latin American organization UNESCO Women, Science and Technology.

The impact of ICTs is comprehensive in the daily lives of children and young people: school attendance, physical and mental health, recreation, socio-cultural development, mainstream life value, among other aspects.

Public initiatives are often integrated to integrate these impacts, but the perceptions, assessments and experiences of the target groups themselves are often not taken into account.

Thus, the UNESCO Scientific Office for Latin America and the Caribbean, through its Communication & Information programme, released the publication “Children and Internet Use in São Paulo and Buenos Aires”, a study from the corner of the eye. gender equality.

Gender disparities in research relate to girls, boys and adolescents’ experiences with digital technology, children’s online interactions, as well as gender gaps in enjoying social services. opportunities, the great concern for personal information on social networks, and the threats and abuses of privacy that children face in the digital environment.
This publication aims to raise stakeholder awareness of the importance of gender equality in formulating public policies related to children and young people’s access to ICT use.

Leveraging the positive aspects of the Internet and optimizing the opportunities offered to both girls and boys, the collaborative efforts to reduce the gender disparities identified in this study are needed. set.

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