Industrial computer used in SCADA system.

 SCADA is simply a monitoring and data acquisition control system. It was born with the role of supporting people in monitoring and remote control. So what is SCADA? What is the function of the SCADA system? And what are the current applications of SCADA? Follow the article to learn more about SCADA!

* What is SCADA?

SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) – supervisory control and data acquisition system consisting of SCADA hardware and software constituting the complete system. SCADA is also an indispensable element for optimization in all industrial applications.

* What are the basic functions of the SCADA system?

– Control – Monitor (remotely)

– Collect – Process real-time data

– Data saving

– Direct interaction with devices in the system through the HMI human-machine interface.

PLCs and RTUs are devices that communicate with a series of objects such as HMI screens, sensors and terminals, etc.

Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) is an important and essential software system for industries:

– Energy .

– Food Technology .

– Manufacture .

– Oil and Gas .

– Electricity.

– Recycling .

– Carriage .

– Clean water and wastewater treatment.

* Dedicated industrial computer for SCADA system?

1. Computer series with fan: Rackmount & Desktop PC.

You can use Advantech’s popular IPC-510/IPC-610/IPC-7132/IPC-7220 computer series as a SCADA server. This is the most used computer line at factories with reasonable price, usually available at ADVANTECH industrial computer is designed with a sturdy, durable chassis that can operate continuously 24/24h in harsh working environments such as: outdoor, high temperature (0-50oC), vibration, shock , dirt… with an average life time of 5 years or more.

IPC-610-H core i7-6700 up to 6 LAN, 10 COM, high scalability thanks to PCI .

IPC-610-H core i7-6700 is used by customer as SCADA server in wastewater monitoring system in Da Nang.

2. Fanless PC series: Fanless Embedded PC MIC-7700 (6 LAN)

The MIC-7700 industrial computer offers excellent compute and flexible scalability, DDR4 memory, and an optional and cost-effective I/O module. MIC-7700 is used by customer as a control computer at Dong Nai Iron and Steel Factory.


Advantech WebAccess/SCADA is a browser-based SCADA software package for monitoring control, data acquisition and visualization. It is used to automate complex industrial processes for remote joystick operation.

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