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IoT has changed a lot in the way we live, work, and stay healthy. IoT technology is becoming more and more influential in healthcare by making it easier for healthcare providers to track patients between visits, and helping to devise treatment protocols. future treatment in an effective and timely manner.

* Urgent medical care.

IoT supports remote emergencies. Hospitals and doctors can access patient data sets before they arrive at the hospital. This makes a lot of sense in an emergency because any delay or glitch can cause a domino effect.

* Care, remote health monitoring.

An aging population and an increase in chronic diseases worldwide drive the demand for human healthcare solutions. Remote monitoring is a proven solution to help reduce pressure on hospitals, reduce healthcare costs, improve home care for patients, and support care for the elderly and those with medical conditions. chronic.

Traditional health monitoring models are often time consuming and inconvenient for users, IoT-based healthcare solutions support smarter, more accurate and timely treatment.

Remote patient monitoring (RPM) helps improve the quality of medical care services, resulting in patient satisfaction. Furthermore, remote monitoring helps patients take more responsibility for their health by providing them access to a more user-friendly and easy-to-use technology.

* IoT healthcare solutions.

The Internet of Things is still in its infancy, so the application of IoT in healthcare still has some challenges such as:

– Security threats: security of personal health information, storage and transmission of information through connected devices.

– Multi-device integration: device manufacturers have yet to find a common voice on protocols and standards.

– Analyze and generate results from extensive data: it takes an analyst program and data experts to produce results from such large amounts of data.

However, since the advent of IoT-enabled healthcare solutions, nearly 60% of healthcare organizations have applied IoT devices to their technology and 73% use IoT for maintenance and monitoring. close. It is clear that the application of IoT in healthcare is increasing and gaining more and more attention.

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