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Look at wrinkles, prevent disease.


     Studies have shown that wrinkles appearing in some places on the face can also be warning signs of disease.

Wrinkles first appear in women around the age of 25, mainly arising from the active work of the facial muscles when talking, laughing, the habit of wrinkling the nose or frowning and are not a sign of a problem. health. But as we age, wrinkles in certain places can indicate the presence of diseases in internal organs.

The cause of the appearance of wrinkles on the skin is the breakdown and damage of the connections of collagen and elastin elastic fibers – the two most important components of human skin. With age, the skin loses elasticity, can no longer retain moisture, disrupts metabolic processes. This leads to changes in the surface layers of the skin and the appearance of shallow or deep wrinkles. Wrinkle location can depend on the health of internal organs, and indicates problems that need attention.

1. Wrinkles on the forehead .

If the forehead appears many small horizontal wrinkles – it may be the result of chronic stress and frequent headaches caused by stress.

If the skin on the forehead is quite thick and the wrinkles on it are too deep for age, it indicates that there may be a kidney problem.

Lines across forehead wrinkles indicate liver problems.

Wrinkles between the eyebrows indicate a sinus infection.

2. Wrinkles in the mouth .


Vertical wrinkles above the upper lip can be a hormonal and gynecological issue or an intestinal disease.

Deep wrinkles between the lips and nose indicate a defect in the heart valves. If this wrinkle is deep and extends on both sides – an important warning sign of “overload” on the heart and circulatory organs.

More wrinkles on the cheeks indicate reduced function of the stomach and pancreas.

Horizontal wrinkles on the chin can be a sign of stagnant phenomena in the liver or pelvis.

3. Wrinkles in the eyes .

Crow’s feet can be a reminder to pay attention to the gallbladder and stomach, and can also be the result of frequent squinting in nearsighted people.

Wrinkles on the upper eyelids may be related to heart disease.

Wrinkles under the eyes can be a sign of vitamin deficiency or insomnia.

Wrinkles under the eyes have a crescent shape – there may be a problem with the bladder.

Swelling of the upper eyelid indicates a problem with the kidneys.

It is believed that facial wrinkles are not only indicative of a person’s health but also of a person’s personality. Therefore taking care of your skin with the help of cosmetics or regular facial exercises that reduce the appearance of wrinkles can not only improve your health but also change your life in a positive way. .

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