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   The infotainment system can be seen as something that greatly influences the driver’s experience, but not all systems on every car are of equal quality.

1. BMW iDrive

BMW’s infotainment system is highly appreciated, for many years, iDrive has received a lot of love from customers. This system will have a knob so that the driver can interact with the menus, this design is much better than the usual touch control.

Currently, most BMW models support Apple CarPlay, and some also have wireless CarPlay. However, Android Auto was not chosen by the German automaker, perhaps because the number of BMW customers using it was too small. In addition, BMW’s system also has interesting features such as increasing or decreasing the volume, answering the phone with hand gestures.

2. Audi MMI

An obvious point of the Audi MMI infotainment system is that it is very beautiful, or can be said to be extremely modern. MMI still has a control knob and a touch pad capable of recognizing handwriting.

One thing that puts MMI on the list of best systems is the Virtual Cockpit display. It has the task of replacing the usual instrument cluster, the status of the vehicle or Google Maps will be displayed clearly. In some newer versions, this system also supports both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.

3. Chevrolet MyLink

Chevrolet MyLink is highly appreciated for its simplicity, extremely friendly and easy-to-use interface, plus it also integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Overall, it has the same interface design as Buick and GMC’s IntelliLink. In addition, the company’s models have the ability to broadcast wifi to 7 different devices.

Most vehicles equipped with the MyLink infotainment system have an additional GM Marketplace, support for ordering food and paying for fuel right inside the car.

4. Chrysler Uconnect

Chrysler Uconnect is considered as the best infotainment system on low-priced cars in the affordable segment, but it still brings a very worthwhile experience. It will have an 8.4-inch touch screen, with some models such as Ram pickups, the size will increase to 12 inches.

Its quality is quite good, information is displayed clearly, supports voice recognition, smooth touch, in addition, it also integrates Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Particularly for the Chrysler Pacifica minivan, the rear seats are also equipped with an infotainment system.

5. Ford Sync 3

The Ford Sync 3 is appreciated because it’s a really valuable upgrade, especially the previous version of MyFord Touch was extremely bad, there were many bugs. However, Sync 3 has fixed it all. This infotainment system has a very smooth touch screen, easy to use interface, can be controlled by voice.

For some models, Ford is also equipped with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, wifi transmitter. In the future, Ford will launch Sync 4 with more upgrades such as CarPlay and Android Auto wirelessly, updating versions over a network connection.

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Modern car infotainment system. (p2)