Oppo updated the test version of ColorOS 6 operating system.


Oppo has announced ColorOS 6 operating system test version (Beta) for its F9 smartphone.

According to this company, ColorOS 6 not only brings a new Android Pie experience but also customizes to complete the features at the most optimal level. In the roadmap from now until the end of September 2019, Oppo will continue to update ColorOS 6 for launched smartphones such as: Find X, R17 Pro, F7, F7 Youth …

Talking more about ColorOS 6, here are the notable upgrades on this operating system:

* Android Pie .

New navigation gestures in Android Pie provide a superior interactive experience. Android Pie is packed with Google’s full suite of AI capabilities with: Google Assistant, ARcore, Google Lens, and other real-world, self-learning smart features. ColorOS 6 based on Android Pie provides a smoother, smarter and more user-friendly experience.


* Borderless design.

ColorOS 6 uses a new design style, bringing a more compact and comfortable feeling to users. OPPO calls it borderless design.

* Improved interoperability.

Instead of touch to navigate with virtual keys, ColorOS 6 continues to support smart navigation with swipes with options to swipe from the sides and swipe up, ensuring smooth and efficient user interaction. than.

This update invests in upgrading 2 features: Dazzle Color Mode and new portrait style. Dazzle Color Mode utilizes mapping algorithms to restore vivid colors and improve backlighting and shadowing.

* Enhance gaming experience.

The software that optimizes the gaming experience, Game Boost has been upgraded to version 2.0. The addition of new core technologies like Touch Boost, and Frame Boost improve frame stability, boosting smartphone performance by up to 38%.

* Payment security and privacy.

ColorOS 6 introduces powerful security features to reduce the risk of personal data leakage, including app encryption, secure privacy, and find my device.

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