Recipes using nuts.


   Nuts contribute a lot of nutrition to every part of the body, as long as they are chosen and used correctly.

* Hard shell seeds.

1. When buying hard shell seeds, consider that the shell must not have deep scars, holes or cracks. When shaking, the seeds can’t be heard rattling in the shell. The kernel must be full, firm, uniform in color and size. Hard shell seeds have a fairly durable lifespan. If you want to keep them for a long time, just leave the seeds in the shell and store them. Depending on the type of seed, we can store them all year without spoiling. If storing shelled seeds, keep them in an airtight container.

2. Seeds are mostly nutritious when taken in their raw form. The reason is that 15% of the nutritionally beneficial oils naturally contained in the seeds are lost during the roasting process. Be careful because if you process the seeds at too high a temperature, they can produce chemicals that accelerate the aging process of the body when consumed.

3. It should be noted: hard shell seeds bring quite a lot of calories. A handful of nuts (about 30g) contains between 160 and 200 calories. Consumption of these nuts should be limited to 30g to 40g per day in their unsalted or seasoned form and should be drunk with a full glass of water after eating them.

* Fruit and vegetable seeds, esthetician.

The nuts with not very hard shells in some fruits are also worth paying attention to especially for women because they have a beauty effect:

Grape seed: rich in minerals and amino acids, helps strengthen the immune system, eliminating free radicals. In addition, the OPC in grape seeds not only has the ability to whiten skin, erase dark spots, but also can fight aging and improve skin elasticity.

Pomegranate seeds: contain polyphenols that are very useful in maintaining beauty. This substance helps to resist free radical molecules, reduce the phenomenon of skin losing collagen, maintain skin elasticity.

Camellia seed: supports good digestion, so it also helps the skin to have antibacterial ability, less acne.

Watermelon seeds: rich in vitamin E and zinc, have antioxidant effects, and also have beauty skin care, diuretic, and anti-edematous effects.

Pumpkin seeds contain chemical components such as saponins, linoleic acid, etc., which have certain effects in reducing blood fat and cholesterol without saturating essential fatty acids, making the skin white and bright. smooth.

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