Secrets of Healthy Living.


The Japanese have long been known as an industrious and hardworking nation. Along with that, they are also known as a people with a long life expectancy and resilient health regardless of age. The “Secret to Healthy Living” behind it has been researched and shown by scientists.

* How long do Japanese people live?

An American university has conducted statistical research on generations of Japanese people. They found that the average Japanese life expectancy was 87.1 for women and 81.1 for men. A number that must be ranked first and second in the world that anyone in the world aspires to have the same number as the people in the land of the rising sun.

The Japanese not only have a long life, but they also have an extremely good health. According to the WHR (World Health Rankings) ranking, the death rate from stroke of Japanese people is only 152th, breast cancer is 154th, liver disease is 153rd and lung-related disease is 166th out of the total. number 172 tracking countries. An achievement that is almost at the bottom of the list of deaths that any developed country must bow in awe of their secret to healthy living.

* The Secrets of Japanese Healthy Living.

In addition to having good medical quality, the Japanese always adhere to the following healthy living secrets.

1.Control your own eating speed.

In fact, there is always a certain delay in the speed of our stomach’s signal when it’s full when it reaches the brain. According to scientists, this delay varies from person to person, but it has an approximate duration of 20 minutes. It is because of this delay that we continue to recharge while the signal of enough food is being transmitted, which leads to the risk of excess energy.

The habit of eating slowly has long been a Japanese culture. They not only see meals as a way to recharge lost energy but also see it as a way of experiencing food. This has become one of the secrets of healthy living of the Japanese, as you will be surprised when their meals usually last more than 20 minutes.

Along with that, the Japanese follow the principle of “hara hachi bu” or “the principle of eating 80% full”. This principle also contributes a lot to the secret of healthy living from the Japanese meal, “the principle of eating 80% full” is that you stop eating when you feel 80% full. Americans take in 2500 calories a day from meals while the Japanese only take in 1900 calories, which makes Japanese people less likely to have excess calories and helps them never feel like skipping meals.

2. Diversify food and use more seafood.

One secret to a healthy life is ingrained in the Japanese eating habits that they consume a lot of seafood and green vegetables. The Japanese do not have the habit of eating expensive or rare dishes, instead they choose to use basic ingredients and variety them to avoid boredom.

Okinawa Island (Japan’s paradise island) is home to the largest number of elderly people in the world, people here eat in very small quantities but there is a surprising variety in their meals. Specifically, a day an Okinawan eats 18 foods including 7 types of vegetables, compared to only 10 foods for Americans, which is too different. Even when not eating at home, the Japanese often prepare lunch boxes with the same variety of food. The diversification of food makes Japanese meals easier to eat without lack of nutrition.
In terms of taste choices, Japanese people tend to eat less greasy and salty foods, along with focusing on the fresh quality of ingredients. Japan is one of the world’s largest consumers of seafood, so it’s not wrong if you call seafood one of their secrets to healthy living. On average, a Japanese person consumes 55.7kg of seafood per year, they choose fish with good fatty acids such as tuna, salmon, etc.

3. Adhere to reasonable working principle.

One of the direct pressures on the longevity of modern people is that they face too much stress from work. Because of this cause, the result is that we often stay up at night, eat at the wrong time and often feel tired in the body. These symptoms signal that your body is falling into a state of weakness and imbalance.

The Japanese soon realized this, so one of their secrets to a healthy life comes from their working style and proper sleeping arrangement. The Japanese usually have an evening sleep lasting more than 7 hours in the evening and a break of about 30 minutes in the afternoon. They find ways to get better quality sleep and be on time instead of working and finding time to sleep during the day, which makes their minds sharper and bodies much more active.

A well-timed, deep sleep is always more effective than long, restless sleep. The habit of working and resting on time is one of the secrets of Japanese people’s healthy living that helps them always have high results in a shorter time than many other countries.

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