Signs of sleep, warning cancer cells.


In the early stages of any disease, even cancer, there are warning signs. If the body has these signs while sleeping, it means that cancer cells are active, warning people to pay attention.

* 5 signs when sleeping warning cancer.

1. Difficulty falling asleep, always waking up at night.

A good night’s sleep not only helps the body to be healthy, awake, mentally focused to do well during the day, but also is the time for different organs in the body to self-regulate and recover. Especially at three or four in the morning, this is the best time for the liver, stomach and spleen to detox themselves. If a tumor grows in the body, the detoxification process will be affected, at which point the body will send out a signal that it wakes up suddenly in the morning and can’t sleep again. In particular, if accompanied by pain in the right abdomen when sleeping at night, as well as body odor and darkening of the skin, you should be alert to the onset of liver cancer.

2. Unexplained nighttime fever.

Fever is a normal symptom of a cold, when the cold stops, the body temperature will gradually return to normal. However, if there is a tumor in the body, the resistance will gradually decrease, when sleeping at night, the cancer cells will cause the body to have a persistent fever, the body temperature will not drop after taking antipyretic drugs. In general, antipyretics are used to treat colds, and have no effect on fever caused by tumors. During a fever, the patient often feels weak in the limbs, unable to exert himself, and the whole body is tired. Therefore, if you have the above symptoms, you need to go to the hospital for a timely examination for early detection and early treatment.

3. Frequent coughing in the middle of the night with difficulty breathing.

There are many causes of a cough, such as a cold, a dry and itchy throat, and an uncomfortable throat. In these cases, just taking the right medication will ease the cough. However, most coughs caused by cancer, especially lung cancer, are dry coughs. At night, because the parasympathetic nervous system is quite active and the bronchial smooth muscle contracts more, the cough symptoms are more pronounced. Therefore, if you often have a dry cough, accompanied by sputum production, shortness of breath for no reason, you need to go to the hospital immediately.

4. Occurrence of pain at night.

The pain caused by cancer is mainly dull at first, which many people may not notice, but the pain will gradually increase at night. Normally taking pain relievers doesn’t work. If you have upper middle abdominal pain, joint pain, pain in the scrotum, you must watch out for the attack of stomach cancer, pancreatic cancer, bone cancer, testicular cancer.

5. Sweating at night.

Night sweats are abnormal sweating after falling asleep and stopping after waking up. Severe night sweats will wet bed sheets or pajamas. In addition to night sweats, accompanied by signs of weight loss, fatigue and swollen lymph nodes, it is very likely to have lymphoma, so you should see a hospital promptly.

* 6 recommendations to help prevent cancer.

1. Don’t eat too much fat.

Obesity will also significantly increase the risk of different types of cancer, such as colorectal cancer, breast cancer, and endometrial cancer.

2. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption and do not smoke.

Controlling smoking and drinking habits can reduce lung cancer cases by more than 80% and total cancer deaths by 30%.

3. Actively exercise.

You should engage in at least 30 minutes of moderate physical activity each day, with an intensity comparable to brisk walking.

4. Reasonable meals.

Eat at least 400 grams of various non-starchy vegetables and fruits each day, including green leafy vegetables, broccoli, eggplant, etc. and avoid processed meat products such as ham, sausages …

5. Build good living habits.

Maintaining adequate, high-quality sleep improves the body’s immunity.

6. Periodic health check and active screening.

Early detection, early diagnosis and early treatment still need to be done to prevent cancer.

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